TMI Tuesday: Porn, Sex, etc.

Once again TMI Tuesday is being produced with a little help from my TMI friends. Thank you. -H

1. What sex act have you seen in porn videos/films and have never done but want to do? (Describe act or post a link).
I’d love to have a menage-a-trois with two men, and experience a double penetration. I’d like to be in a gang bang. And a blow bang. I have a lot of fantasies about group sex, obviously, but only with men. I’d also like to do some intense bondage scenes – I’ve seen a lot of these in porn, and would love to actually experience a few.

2. A lot of porn is remakes of old ideas. It’s difficult to be creative in porn because it’s all basically about the same thing. Everyone is starved for ideas, and if some new idea is successful, it’s immediately swamped by knock-offs. Do you have an idea for something even a little bit new in porn?
I can’t think of any new ideas, really – it seems like it is mostly about the same thing, which is both good and bad. I tend towards particular genres, as is probably obvious from my answer to #1, and I guess I gear towards what’s being done and with particular people.

3. Whilst ideally we’d all like to say our partner provides us with the best orgasms, what’s really making you see stars?
a) masturbation
b) sex toys
c) my partner(s)
My partner’s oral skills give me the best orgasms, so I’ll say C. But I masturbate a lot (my sex drive is insanely high) with sex toys, so an A-B combination is a close second.  I can usually have several orgasms, one after another, and either of these choices can bring me to tears at the end.

4. Have you ever ‘cheated’ on your partner, and did they know/find out? Would you want someone to tell you if your partner was ‘cheating’? Define what you consider ‘cheating’.
Nope – I’ve never cheated, and my partner hasn’t either. I would want to know if he was. I consider cheating to be having a physical relationship with someone else without the other partner’s express permission.

Bonus: Give us 2-3 erotic paragraphs incorporating the following words in your story(ette): Magnificent, Nero, Licks, Hard, Nipples. (And no, you can’t use them all in one sentence).

Well, ok.

Cassandra lay naked on the couch,  her nipples hard and erect in the cool night air. Her fingers flitted back and forth, strumming them like a lyre and causing a stirring in her cunt. She closed her eyes and moaned as her other hand wandered down her belly to her clit, which was slick with moisture.

As her fingers left her clit and dipped into her wetness, she sensed a presence. Cassandra opened her eyes to find Nero standing beside her, hungrily devouring her with his eyes. His magnificent cock was hard and ready, and she reached for him, pulling him closer. She covered his shaft and balls with long, warm licks of her tongue, causing Nero to throw back his head in ecstasy and drop his violin. She worked her tongue up and down his cock before taking him in her mouth, swallowing him whole. Nero shuddered.

(I’ll keep it to two, and leave the rest to your imagination as to what happened next. How’s that?)


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  1. Whew. Niiiiiiice bonus story!!
    Oh I forgot to put in MFM in my #1. Bleh I’ll edit it later. Great answers for all.

  2. Hi there, I know I’ve been to your blog before but I’m loving that blog roll down there, all new blogs to check out when I have time. Thank you for that!

    So, great bonus answer, very hot!!

    • Thanks!

      And you’re welcome – it needs some updates, but there are some good ones down there 🙂

  3. Menage-a-trois with two men…I want to try that too! 😀 …and your storyette is awesome!