I Wanna Be Loved By You

Summer’s winding down already, and the time’s gone way too fast. With just a few weeks before fall and school begin, it’s time to enjoy the last real warmth and long days. This month, as part of the Cal Exotics Sexpert program, I received the Entice Marilyn, a rabbit-style vibe that’s part of their Entice line, for free in exchange for this review.

enticebox The Entice Marilyn comes in a black cardboard box, with a picture of the toy in the selected color on the front and side. Product information is on the side and back.  Inside the box, Marilyn comes in a plastic bag, and wrapped in bubble wrap. A small instruction sheet with general vibrator usage and care is also included.

marilynsideThis vibrator comes in 3 colors: pink, raspberry, and purple. I received the purple, and it’s a nice, rich color.  The main part of the toy is made of silicone (the battery cap is ABS plastic with a loft PU Cote, and the gold decoration around the cap is plastic with metallic plating), and it’s super smooth and buttery soft to the touch.  It’s also pretty firm, with very little squish or give. The battery cap matches the color of the shaft and arm, giving Marilyn a nice look.

Marilyn is 9” long overall, with about 5 1/4″ insertable. The head has a rounded tip and is slightly bulged on one side for g-spot stimulation.  Below the head, which has a 1 1/4″ diameter, the shaft gradually narrows, reaching a 1” diameter at the shaft base.

marilynclitarmThe clit arm is about 2 1/4″ long and has a 1” diameter. Like the shaft, it’s wider at the top and narrows where it connects to the shaft. It’s firm, yet it’s very flexible, and can be bent outwards from the shaft considerably, so it should comfortably hit the clit.

Both the shaft and clitoral arm contain a bullet – each is located in the tip. The bullets are controlled together.

marilynbatteryMarilyn takes 2 AA batteries, which are inserted by removing the battery cap below the gold accent strip. The cap has a small tab to press which will pop off the cap. The batteries are inserted into the shaft + end first.  The cap can be a bit difficult to put back on, but gentle pressure will ensure it’s on and sealed. Once it’s securely in place, Marilyn can be taken into the tub if desired, as it’s fully waterproof.

marilynbuttonsTwo buttons control Marilyn: an on/off button, and a function button, which are raised right below the clitoral arm. The buttons are easy to press, but they’re unlikely to be pressed by mistake during use. The on/off button is the bottom button, and allows the vibrator to be turned on and off with ease. When turned on, Marilyn will start on the pattern you were previously on. The top button cycles through the 8 functions:

  • Low and steady
  • Medium and steady
  • High and steady
  • Fast, moderate pulses
  • Longer strong pulses followed by fluttering short pulses
  • Low flutters followed by a long pulse (2x, then 3 long pulses)
  • Low flutters (3 seconds) followed by 10 seconds of high and steady vibration
  • Low flutters escalating to high, steady vibrations

The vibrations are moderately strong on high, mostly surface, buzzy vibrations, and travel well through both the shaft and arm.  They’re very quiet, even when Marilyn’s shaft is not inserted.

Marilyn is easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner. It doesn’t pick up lint and hair as easy as some silicones, and it’s fine to dry with a soft towel. You can store it in the box it comes in, or in a toy bag or pouch – it’s best to remove the batteries when storing to prolong their life.  Waterbased lube is recommended, but if you want to use a silicone lube, do a spot test towards the bottom of the toy to make sure the lube won’t react with the silicone.

marilyninhandSo, Did It Work? I  love the feel of the silicone on this vibrator, and I also like the shape and size. The flexible clit arm allows me to position it just right to hit right on my clit.  The patterns are also quite nice internally, particularly the patterns with the flutters. Unfortunately, the strength of the vibrations isn’t enough for me – primarily in the clit arm. I don’t mind buzzy vibrations, but they need more power behind them for me to reach orgasm. It’ll depend on the type of vibrations you like (buzzy vs. rumbly) and the strength you need, especially clitorally, to determine if Marilyn will be a good choice for you.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending me the Entice Marilyn for free to review as part of their Sexpert program!  And don’t forget to check out Club Calexotics – a great online community to share and explore.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

2 responses to “I Wanna Be Loved By You

  1. I don’t think this rabbit will work for me — I prefer rumbly vibration.