Kink of the Week: Forniphilia

By Exey Panteleev (Flickr: table) [ CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Exey Panteleev (Flickr: table) [ CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The first time I ever heard of using people as human furniture was a few years ago. A friend and I were talking about ads on craigslist, and she mentioned that she’d been looking over some of the personal ads. She’d been finding the European ones more interesting, particularly in the “Casual Encounters” section. I was pretty amazed at what people were posting – lots of calls for scat play, guys who wanted to watch women flash them in lingerie, Skype sessions, one night stands, gang bang partners…

…and then she found one that was decidedly different.

It was a man looking for a BBW. It was to be a casual encounter, and he wanted the woman to come to his house, for $400 (or so), and sit on him. Not on his face, but on his back, as he became her “couch”.  We found several others all looking for the same thing – a man wanting to be used as a couch (or table, or footstool in some cases) by a woman. No sex involved, she just had to sit on him (or rest her feet on him) for the specified amount of time.

We didn’t find any from men looking for women to be furniture, but with the sheer number of encounter ads, it’s possible we missed them.

The thought of being used as furniture, or using my partner as furniture, doesn’t turn me on. I find it kind of fascinating after looking at some pictures of it online, but it quite honestly does nothing for me, and it’s not something I’d be up for. While I am the submissive (for the most part) partner in our relationship, it’s nothing he’d ask me or tell me to do, and I’d never sit on him, except in his lap, which isn’t the same thing at all.

7 responses to “Kink of the Week: Forniphilia

  1. Honestly the thought of engaging in forniphilia bothers me. I could see myself hiring people to be statues or hold artwork to set the scene for an erotic evening, but not for any sort of sexual thrill. It sets off a particular warning bell in my head, reminds me of things that aren’t at all pleasant.

  2. Much like you it doesn’t do anything for me. Like Jade I’ve seen the footstool routine and never considered it a kink specific activity.

  3. I agree, it doesn’t “do” much for me either, per se.

    But the act of ceding control is an aphrodisiac, and while I totally hate being disciplined in this way, my wife punishing me is something I don’t want to live without.

    Although I’d prefer her to use the leather paddle. Which is why she uses me as a footstool.

  4. As art great as a kink definitely not for me either!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. It does nothing for me either but I can see the beauty in it as an art form.


  6. I just don’t get what kind of kink that is!

  7. I have seen many men and women used as “footstools” at kink parties. I never really gave it much thought as a kink, I kind of just thought it was a way of the Top showing his dominance (“I can put my shoes/boots/feet on you!”) I find it kind of compelling for that reason, and it tugs at a submissive part of me, but for the most part that “human as furniture or object” doesn’t do a lot for me, either.