TMI Tuesday: Just Asking

By Manu (ErosPyramide20090221_721) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Manu (ErosPyramide20090221_721) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. What’s your dirtiest secret?
Hmmm…that I have a major oral fixation?  Sexually, that is. I love to suck on things or eat suggestively for my partner – popsicles, bananas, ice cream, suckers…you name it, while making eye contact. I love watching others do it as well.

2. What’s the sweetest thing you have done for someone?
The sweetest thing I’ve done is baby and pamper my partner without complaint and without his asking.

3. What’s your favorite foreplay act to give? Receive?
I love to give blow jobs. I could literally suck cock for hours,  whether I’m being slow and sensuous or getting some serious throat fucking.  So it’s probably no surprise that I love to receive oral. The flicker of a tongue on my clit and some gentle sucking, combined with warm breaths of air, is divine, and unbeatable.

4. State five (5) facts about your body.

  • I’ve got good leg muscles from years of dancing.
  • My big toe is not the longest toe on either of my feet. 
  • My hand has a scar from being cut by a potato chip.
  • My one ear has several piercings, most of which I did myself, from when I was into punk.
  • My skin will hold marks for hours. Hand prints, scratches, you name it.

5. Would you like to fondle the person next to you?
Since I’m sitting at home, and it’s my partner sitting next to me, most definitely!

Bonus: Penis or vagina? Why?
Penis. They’re just wonderful in every way, and there’s nothing else I’d love to wrap my lips or myself around.


4 responses to “TMI Tuesday: Just Asking

  1. #1 – You’ve reminded me that watching others’ mouths on other people is a hot thing.
    Bonus – you and me both!

  2. That verification math is confusing!

    I totally forgot what I was going to say, lol!!!
    Oh! A potato chip cut you? Was it the wavy kind or the thin kind?

    • It was messing me up on someone else’s the other night too!

      And yes, a potato chip, of all things. A thin one. It’s one of the strangest scars I have 🙂