What A Beautiful Plug!

After taking a bit of a break to get some porn reviews done, I had the delight of reviewing Icon Brands’ Glass Rose Butt Plug, which I received for free in exchange for a review. This review was previously published  on another website, who was granted non-exclusive rights to the content.  As the author of this review, I am reposting it here with some modifications and affiliate links where the item may be purchased.

I enjoy wearing plugs, and it’s fun to have decorative ones. Not really for my enjoyment visually, but for my husband’s. Most of the ones I have are jeweled, and honestly – how many different colored jewels can you have decorating your ass? I’ve got a few animal plugs as well, and it’s always fun to surprise my husband with the toy of the day, so to speak, but I hadn’t seen a plug quite like this one before.

The Glass Rose Butt Plug is from Icon Brands, and it’s part of their Fashionistas line. It comes in a grey and black plastic box, with the plug displayed through a front window and held in place in a plastic tray. Product information is on the back of the box. The box is flimsy and very partial to tearing and cracking, so it isn’t good for long term storage – your best bet will be a padded bag or pouch. The plug is available in two sizes: small and large.

This plug is gorgeous! It’s made of black glass, has a decent weight, and is 2 pieces securely joined together. The only seam is where the rose is attached. The plug itself is traditionally shaped – bulbed on one end, with a thin neck and flared base. On the small plug, the bulb is just 1 1/4” in diameter at its widest point, which is a size I find comfortable and easy to use without preparation, and the insertable length is just 3 1/2″.  The large plug sports almost a 1 5/8″ diameter, and has an insertable length of about 4 1/4″. The neck of both plugs is covered with what looks like etchings of leaves and vines, all in a dark grey.

plugtopSecurely attached to the other side of the base is a handblown black rose. The rose is quite large and very decorative, and it has no sharp edges on the petals. If for some reason the rose became detatched from the plug, the plug’s base is wide enough to keep it from sliding all the way in.

With the plug inserted, the rose nestles between your cheeks. It looks pretty cool. The plug stays in place fine, and you won’t have any problems walking, crawling, or having sex with it in… but you will not be able to sit down. Sitting on the rose is uncomfortable at best.

The Glass Rose Butt Plug is made of borosilicate glass, so it’s nonporous and resistant to shattering. You should, however, always check it for nicks, chips, and scratches before use. Glass holds temperatures well, so you can heat or cool this in water if you like temperature play with your plugs. It’s easy to clean with antibacterial soap and hot water, and should be cleaned before and after use. It can also be run through the dishwasher on the top rack if desired. The Rose Plug should be dried thoroughly before storing it away, and any type of lube you prefer can be used.

So, Did It Work?
This is one of the prettiest plugs I own, and it’s also up there with other glass dildos. The rose is large, but looks so delicate sitting atop the long stem. In fact, when I first showed this to my husband, I was holding it upright by the bulb, and he thought it was just a glass flower.

I found it easy to insert, and I like the neck diameter. It’s not so thin that I’m afraid it’s going to break, but it’s thin enough, and long enough, that it holds the rose in place when I’ve got it in.

My husband enjoyed this one, and liked the way it looked. He also found it amusing that I couldn’t sit down well with it in. That’s probably the only drawback to the plug, but it’s certainly one I can live with.

If you like butt plugs that are decorative when inserted, but want something different than a jeweled end or animal tail, this is a plug to look at. The black glass rose sits atop the base and nestles between your cheeks for an unusual look that your partner will love, and the thin neck keeps the rose in your rose securely in place.  This plug is available in both small and large sizes, and is available at Pink Cherry.

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This product was provided to me for free in exchange for a review, which was  previously published  on another website which was granted non-exclusive rights to the content.  As the author of this review, I am reposting it here with some modifications and affiliate links where the item may be purchased. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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