Flesh and Fantasy

Fun Factory has always been known for its uniquely shaped and brightly colored toys. While some have been realistic in shape, they’ve never come in anything remotely resembling a flesh color.  I had the G4 Big Boss in a nice matte black, but when I saw the Boss III (also called the Nude Boss or Boss Naked), I knew I had to get it to review from Babeland.com .

The Boss Naked comes in standard Fun Factory packaging, in a grey and red box. Inside the box is the Boss, and instruction manual, a pamphlet with other Fun Factory products, and a sample of ToyFluid (Fun Factory’s water-based lube).

This is a lovely vibrator, and … it’s not pink, or blue, or day-glo green. It comes in 2 colors: caramel and vanilla. I got the vanilla one, which is a creamy fleshy color. The silicone has a lot of drag, similar to that of the Big Boss, and probably the only thing I’d change about the toy.

This dildo isn’t quite as large or thick as the G4 Boss (it’s an inch shorter at 8 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ in diameter) nor is it quite as curvy, but it’s a really nice size and shape. The head is smooth but has a lipped ridge right underneath, and a raised vein runs down the front of the shaft. A few other ridges are on the bottom of the shaft on the front, while the sides and back are completely smooth and seamless. The shaft is somewhat flexible, while the head is fairly firm and doesn’t squish a lot.

The Boss Naked is one of the Fun Factory toys with Turbo Booster. This is a button on the bottom of the base that gives you a little extra oomph when you press it.

Besides not being a vibrant color of the rainbow, the Boss Naked does something I haven’t seen with Fun Factory toys in quite a while : it runs on batteries.  Four AAA batteries, to be precise. They give it sufficient power (although not quite what the G4 line gives you), and while it’s a bit strange not to plug the Boss Naked in for a charge, it’s also nice not to have to worry about if it’s been charged up before getting down to business.

The base is shiny black plastic, and opens by twisting slightly counter-clockwise. It’s easy to close – you just have to line up the design. The batteries go in alternating + and – side up. It’s a bit tricky to tell which goes where, so if you’re inserting them for the first time, make sure they alternate, close, and turn on. If the Boss Naked won’t start, switch the batteries’ orientations and it should be good to go.

The front of the base has 2 buttons, + and –. The + button is on top, and slightly larger. Pressing and holding it for 1 second turns the Boss Naked on, and then pressing amps up the vibrations to their maximum. Once it’s on high, pressing and holding the + button will kick the motor into its patterns: medium, fast, and very fast pulses.  The – button will decrease the vibration intensity and turn the Boss off.

If you’re not on the highest setting, pressing the Turbo Boost button will pop the vibration level right up to high – slightly higher if it’s already on high.  When you let go, the vibrations revert to what they were before you pressed the button.

The vibrations of the Boss Naked are deep and rumbly, and also pretty quiet.  While I don’t think they’re quite as strong as the Big Boss, they’re certainly strong enough to get the job done. And, since it’s waterproof, you can play in the tub as well as the bed.

The Boss Naked is easy to clean with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. It’s best to wash it both before and after use. Since it’s silicone, only water-based lubes should be used.

So, Did It Work? I really like this vibrator. It’s one of the few realistic colored toys I have that vibrate, and the vibrations are strong and rumbly like I enjoy. I also like the patterns this one has – I’ve discovered that, for me, internal pulse patterns are much more enjoyable than steady vibrations.  The size is decent as well. I wish this was part of the G4 line and was rechargeable, but it’s always good to have a few battery operated toys – sometimes I don’t remember to charge up the rechargeables, and then I’m left wanting if I don’t have a backup.  Probably the only thing I don’t care for particularly with the Boss Naked is the feel of the silicone. I’ve noticed the feel of it with the Big Boss and Elegance, and I’d love it to feel smoother.

Thank you to Babeland for sending this to me for review! If you’d like to try out the Boss Naked, you can pick one up at Babeland.com.


This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

One response to “Flesh and Fantasy

  1. Now this is cool! I’m not sure how Babeland gets companies to create exclusive products for them (I’m still drooling over the rainbow Amor…), but I’m glad they do! The Big Boss G4 is too girthy for me to handle, but I like the idea of a vibrating penis *grins* This would fill me up just fine, and it’s less of an investment than the G4 if it turns out I dislike internal vibrations.
    Hmm… *goes off to research*