Twist and Shout!

Deep and rumbly or high and buzzy? That’s usually the question that comes up with vibrators, and a lot of it boils down to personal preference. I lean towards deep and rumbly, although if the vibrations are strong enough I can go for buzzy. I was curious which type of vibrations I’d find when I received my April Cal Exotics Sexpert product to review – the Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket.

The Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket comes in an easy-to-open clear plastic box. The toy is visible through the front, and on the back is a picture of the toy and information on its use. Inside, the toy is seated in plastic to keep it from moving about.

This toy is a pretty purple color, and both the bullet and controller are made of ABS plastic with a PU coting. The surface is smooth with very little drag. The Rocket is much larger than you might expect. The bullet itself is 3 1/4″ long and about 1 3/8” in diameter. It has 3 ridges that swirl around the bullet, with relatively deep grooves between them. These ridges add some texture, although it’s not a texture you’ll notice during use, either vaginally or clitorally. It’s connected to the controller by a 32” long cord.

The controller is 5” long and 2” wide, and fits easily and comfortably in your hand. The battery compartment is accessed from the back side, and it’s easy to open – simply press down and out to release the cover, and then swing it up (it doesn’t come completely off). The battery direction is clearly labeled inside, and the Rocket is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The vibrations of the Rocket are steady, and go from low and rumbly to quite strong and rumbly. They’re controlled by a slide on the side of the remote: just slide the button up for stronger vibrations and down for lower vibrations or to turn the Rocket off. The bullet shakes, or gyrates, back and forth, and goes crazy when it’s on high. The gyrations aren’t so noticeable when it’s pressed hard into your clit, but they do give this a different sensation than bullets that have the surface buzzy vibrations. The vibrations are surprisingly quiet, even on high, and won’t be noticed if you’ve got any kind of background sound on.

The Rocket is not waterproof, but it’s easy to clean (don’t immerse it) both before and after use with mild soap and warm water (if you need to clean the controller, using a washcloth will work the best). You may want to use a small brush to thoroughly clean the ridges. Once dried, it can be stored in its packaging or in a toy pouch with the batteries removed. Because of the coating, waterbased lubes are best to use.

So does it work? I really like this bullet. While it is large (the picture to the right shows the rocket and the controller next to my iPhone for size comparison), the vibrations are impressive, and surprisingly rumbly. I love that it’s powered by 3AA (2 often doesn’t quite cut it with me, and the more AAs it takes, the better), and that it’s quite quiet. We found this to work well as a teaser – it can be nestled in place on the clit and then sat on, which can be amazingly distracting. This is the only time I found it to be a bit noisy – and it depended on what I was sitting on: a padded chair wasn’t so bad, but a wooden one amplified the sound substantially. I liked this internally too – the gyrations of the bullet were much more noticeable, although the ridges didn’t add to any stimulation for me. It worked well in conjunction with other toys, including an anal plug and vaginal dildo.

The only issue I had with this was the slider. When using the Rocket on low, so the slider was barely above the off position, it had a tendency to shut off on occasion. I’m not sure what this was due to, as the controller was in a pretty stationary spot, but it was distracting, On anything higher than the very lowest, though, it didn’t jump speeds at all.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending me the Jumpin’ Gyrator Rocket to review as part of their Sexperts program! For more information on Cal Exotics, and to explore your health and sexual well being in a caring and sharing community, be sure to check out the new Club CalExotics too!

This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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