You Can Be My Boss Anytime

Fun Factory’s come out with some neat toys recently, including the FOU, YOOO, and UFO. But what I’ve always enjoyed from them the most are their insertable vibrators (particularly Benjamin Bond and Chester Cheeky). When Good Vibrations offered the new Big Boss to review, I knew this was one I wanted to try out.

The Big Boss is part of Fun Factory’s G4 line and uses the Click ‘N Charge charging system.  It arrives in the signature grey, red, and white box, with the product visible through the front. The back of the box is closed by a magnet, and opens up to give more information about the toy. Inside the box is the Big Boss, a pamphlet on other products, an instruction manual, and a sample pack of ToyFluid waterbased lube. The charger comes in a separate box.

This is a big vibrator – pleasantly big. It’s about 9 3/4” long overall, with about 6 ½” insertable measured straight up and down. The tip and head are wider than the shaft, at close to 1 7/8” in diameter, while the shaft is about 1 3/4″ wide. The head is shaped semi-realistically, and the shaft has some light veinage designs. The shaft is curved for g-spot stimulation.

The Big Boss comes in black matte silicone. It has a slightly gritty feel and noticeable drag when you run your fingers up and down. This feeling disappears when you apply waterbased lube to the shaft, and isn’t felt at all during use. You really will want to use plenty of lube with the Big Boss, as it’s not easy to insert or use without it.

The base of the Big Boss is white. It has a silver-lined hole, which is large enough to insert 1 finger – possibly 2, depending on your finger size. This hole makes it easy for you or a partner to hold and thrust this vibrator.

Three buttons are on the front of the base, which control the vibrations and patterns. The top button is + : pressing this button for about 2 seconds will turn the Big Boss on and increase the vibration intensity. The middle button is – : this button will decrease the intensity and turn the Big Boss off, and also jump the vibrator out of its patterns and back to steady vibration. The bottom button is * : this button cycles through the patterns, and can also be used to turn the Big Boss on at its highest setting.  The buttons backlight in a soft green when pressed.

The Big Boss features wonderfully deep, throbby vibrations that travel well through the shaft and can also be felt in the base. The vibrations go from low to high over 6 levels, and then four patterns – fast pulses, hard pulses, revving pulses, and super fast pulses can be cycled through if desired. The vibrations are strong, and they’re also pretty quiet.

As part of the Click ‘N Charge line, the Big Boss is rechargeable using the Fun Factory charger. The FUN silver label on the back part of the base is where the charger connects. The word FUN should be lined up on both the base and the charger. When charging, the FUN will glow red. It should be charged for 6 hours before the first use, and can be used on the high setting for about an hour before needing a recharge. The battery should be regularly charged, and the Big Boss shouldn’t be stored uncharged, as that will shorten the battery life. It also can’t be overcharged, so you can leave it plugged in until you’re ready to use it.

The surface  of the Big Boss picks up lint and hair like a magnet, so you’ll want to wash it before and after use with warm water and antibacterial soap. It’s best to dry it with a lint-free towel.   The Big Boss is waterproof, so you can take it in the bathtub with no worries.

So, Did It Work? I really like this vibrator. I tend to prefer thicker vibrators, and the Big Boss definitely fits the bill. I was originally worried about the lip under the head, but it didn’t cause me any problems, even when thrusting this hard.  The silicone has a weird feel to me, but with lube there’s no problem at all. I like the full feeling this vibrator provides, and I love the vibrations: they’re deep, strong, and rumbly.

I love the hole that the base has – it makes it very easy to control the Big Boss as well as make sure it’s lined up correctly to hit my G-spot. The buttons aren’t easy to press by mistake,  no matter how I’m holding this.

My husband really likes the base hole. While he’s become adept at thrusting with flatter or rounder based toys, he loved that he could slip a finger through and not have to worry about losing his grip. He also liked the buttons, and didn’t have any problems pressing them by mistake.

I had a bit of trouble with the charger – it can be a bit tricky to get the Big Boss situated and get the charger to snap to the base correctly. Once it’s in place, though, it works just fine.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending this to me to review! If you like thicker vibrators and enjoy deep, strong, rumbly vibrations, the Big Boss is one you’ll want to try. You can pick one up at by clicking the banner below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


5 responses to “You Can Be My Boss Anytime

  1. This thing is a beast in appearance (and vibrations from what I’ve heard). Have you thought about doing a follow up/comparison review for it and the Boss Naked?

  2. Mmmmmm this looks so nice. And your review is so helpful! But I am torn because it just isn’t pretty enough for my collection 🙁 If only it came in pink…

  3. Thanks for this review. I actually just placed an order for this in orange earlier today. I was hoping the handle would make use easier, I find it difficult to use flat bases with much efficiency.
    The toy is just damn PRETTY as well, it’s what caught my eye.

  4. Wow, that’s a nice looking toy! My one magnetic charged toy from the same company was really tricky to charge too, at first. I had to tape the cord in place and everything the first time I ever charged it just to get the light to stay on. It seems to behave better now for some reason.

  5. I love the idea of magnet vibrators, but they seem so fiddly in practice. Sounds like a great product. I wonder if they do an anal safe insertable?