Halloween Eve

The day before Halloween is finally here.  Lots of party, carnival, and trick-or-treating opportunities for tonight.

Last year we ended up with about 12 pounds of candy – can you believe it?  I couldn’t.  I think it lasted the whole year.

I’m dressing up a bit for work today.  Nothing extreme, but a little bit in the spirit of the thing.  Making some jello molds for later.  No, no schnapped penises, although they would fit into the theme.  I have other body parts – a brain, a heart, and a hand.  All lovely and life-sized, and ready to be cut with a scalpel to release the bloodbag inside.

If only it wasn’t so terribly cold.  With the temperature and the wind, it makes me cringe to actually be outside, even in the daytime.  We’re cutting back on the activities tonight, and hoping for warmer weather tomorrow.

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