Is This Love That I’m Feeling?

I love Jopen. I have several toys from their Vanity line, including the Vr9, Vr10, and Vr12. The names aren’t very descriptive, but they’re wonderful, from their glowing fuschia color to their strong power. I’d been eyeing the Intensity (a revolutionary creation) for a while: the name intrigued me, and so did everything I’d read about it (Jopen’s website gives some of the background on the Intensity’s creation, from its beginning as a medical device to a revolutionary kegel exerciser and orgasm producer).  When Jopen offered to send me one to review, I was thrilled, and also just a bit anxious about using it, which I’ll explain below.

The Intensity arrives in a large pink and white box. The top doesn’t give much of a hint as to what’s inside, but the sides have product information in several languages, and the back of this outer box contains a picture of the product with information about it as well as a QR code which will take you to more information on the product.

Inside this box is the storage box, which is much more discreet: it’s a deep purple, with just “Intensity by Jopen” in shiny purple on the lid.  Lift the lid and you’ll find the Intensity, a small instruction booklet (complete with a diagram showing the stimulation points and instructions on use in multiple languages), and a 2 ounce tube of electrode gel. Yes, electrode gel. This is one of the things that makes the Intensity so unique, and what contributed to my anxiousness – it provides electro stimulation internally to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic muscles.  Both the Intensity and the gel are shrink-sealed in plastic.

The Intensity’s shaft and rabbit attachment are made of premium matte silicone, and are a lovely bubblegum pink (in contrast to Jopen’s Vanity line, which are much brighter in color).   The base, in the same color, is made of ABS plastic with a silicone coating. It’s not small by any means: the Intensity is about 12” long overall. The actual shaft is about 5″ insertable. The base is large, and the front is angled up to make the buttons easy to view when the Intensity is in use while the bottom is concave to make it more comfortable to hold.

The shaft of the Intensity is quite unusual. It looks like an accordion on the sides, and can be pumped up from its 4 1/2″ circumference to approximately 5 1/2″ around. The pumping is done by pressing/squeezing the pump that’s at the bottom of the base – it’s easy to find and use (it’s the “heel” part of the base, and you can tell by feel that it’s thinner) – and there’s a black push button on the bottom of the base to release the air when done. The front and back of the shaft have stainless steel stimulation contacts for the electro stimulation.

The Intensity also features a rabbit attachment for clitoral stimulation. The rabbit’s small, at just 3/4″ wide, but it’s 2 1/2″ long on the inner curve and pretty flexible, so it can be angled to hit your clit effectively with its ears or long tongue.

Four AAA batteries are inserted by unscrewing the cap on the bottom. All four batteries go in + side down. As with all battery operated toys, the batteries should be removed when the Intensity is not in use.

The large base of the Intensity and its angle make it easy to see and control the levels of it while it’s inserted. The base has 5 buttons: an on/off button (located bottom center), up and down buttons on the left, labeled with a V (these control the vibration strength of the clitoral stimulator), and up and down buttons on the right, labeled with an S (these control the strength of the electro stimulation). Red LED lights run between the buttons, so you can see what strength you’re on.
So, how do you use the Intensity? It’s pretty straightforward:

  • Apply waterbased lube to the shaft
  • Apply the electrode gel to the stimulation contacts
  • Insert
  • Inflate the shaft (about 5 or 6 pumps maximum)
  • Press the power button to turn it on
  • Adjust vibration and electro stimulation as desired.

The Intensity features 5 vibration speeds and 10 levels of electro stimulation.

This product also comes with several warnings, including: making sure it’s fully inserted and inflated before turning it on (and fully deflated and off before removing it), not using it if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, not using it if pregnant, and if you have any concerns, consulting a physician before use.

Even with the accordion pleats on the side of the shaft, the Intensity is easy to clean. It shouldn’t be immersed in water (it is not waterproof), but the shaft and rabbit can be carefully washed with antibacterial soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner can be used.  Washing both before and after use is recommended.  It should be thoroughly dried and stored in a cool place (the box is ideal for storage).  Only waterbased lube should be used on the shaft, and electrode gel on the contacts (this isn’t strictly necessary, but it does make the Intensity work better).

So, Did It Work? As I mentioned above, I was incredibly eager to try this and also somewhat apprehensive. I read through everything beforehand, then put the batteries in, inserted it, lay back, and got ready to go. I pumped the shaft about 5 times, and then started with the vibration levels. The vibrations are only felt in the rabbit, and they’re what I’d call moderately strong. Of course, they’re meant to be supplemental to the internal stimulation, and they succeed at that quite well.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to use the stimulation buttons. I decided to try them alone first, and pressed the up arrow once. I didn’t feel anything, so I pressed again, and my reaction was something like, “Whoa, shit!” If you haven’t felt electro stimulation before, I think your reaction will be the same. It’s like all of the sudden your muscles contract – you have no control of it – it just happens. And they do it over, and over, and over again at intervals.

After the first initial shock, you know they’re coming…and they feel really good.  It’s like doing short kegels without the work. Add in the vibrating rabbit, and wow. Although I didn’t find the orgasm as intense, it seemed to come faster, and then just proceeded to happen again and again.

For my next trial, I got used to the muscle contractions on level 2 and then pressed again.  I didn’t notice a lot of difference, so went up to level 4. “Whoa, shit!” indeed – this made my muscles contract hard. Amazingly hard. I should stress here that it didn’t hurt at all, but…I think every muscle in my vagina clenched.  Quickly and hard. This felt amazing, but I realized that I was nowhere near ready to go higher than the 4th setting, anytime soon. I don’t know that I’ll adjust to the contractions so much that I’ll be able to go up all the way ever, honestly. And that’s ok – on level 4 and below I can feel the contractions like crazy, and couple them with the vibrating rabbit, it’s all good. Very, very good. This is going to be a toy I use a lot, whether for toning those muscles, or giving in to orgasm.

I would highly recommend the Intensity. It’s like nothing you’ve ever used, and, with its electro stimulation that will have your kegel muscles contracting like nothing ever has before, you’ll be contracting and possibly orgasming more than you ever thought possible.

Thank you so much to Jopen for sending me the Intensity to review!  If you’d like to follow Jopen, you can on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also learn about Intensity and have a chance to win one by becoming an Intensity Insider.

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This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. I’m really interested in trying the Intensity, but it’s off-putting that it takes batteries 🙁 If they’re going to make something so fancy, couldn’t they make it rechargeable?

  2. It looks less complicated to use than I thought. Naturally, that makes me want it a thousand times more! Thank you especially for the pic where the shaft is all pumped up.

  3. I was really tempted by the Intensity when it first came out, but after reading all the reviews, I just don’t think I’ll enjoy it enough to be worth the price. Maybe someday.

  4. wow- i’ve been eying the intensity but i just wasn’t sure that i could handle electro. thankyou1

  5. Wow! I really want to try this toy!

    Great review!