She Wants A Rocket Ride!

There are cool vibrators, and then there are cool vibrators. Normally having a vibrator that can masquerade successfully as anything other than something I’m going to get off with isn’t a huge deal to me, but there are some that really appeal to me, like the Big Teaze Rub My Duckies. They have to be the most adorable things – although, being so cute, they do call attention to themselves. When I first heard the name Retro Pocket Rocket, I’m not sure what I was thinking, but when I saw this pocket rocket at, I knew I had to have it.

The Retro Pocket Rocket is presented by “Man Eaters from Outer Space”, a line of, yes, you guessed it, Big Teaze Toys.  It comes in a standard clear clamshell that has to be cut open to get the toy out. The toy is visible through the front, and looks like a model of a space ship, in bright yellow and red.  The sheet visible through the case proclaims “Intergalactic Waterproof Personal Massager” and “We Come In Peace” (not peace and quiet, mind you), while the companion male masturbator (a green alien that looks like he’d devour a cock instead of stroke it) hovers in the background (and I must get my hands on this, just because it is so adorable). The back of the package has information in French, German, Spanish and English, and also mentions the 90 day limited warranty.

Inside the case are a small instruction manual, the Rocket, and a little plastic moon base, so it looks like it’s sitting on the moon ready for blast off when you have it on the shelf, where it blends right in. Okay, yes, I’m a bit of a nerd, and actually have shelves devoted to Star Trek and space toys, so it really does fit in and look like more space decoration.

This Retro Rocket really is super cute! It’s about 5” long overall, from the tip of the nose to the end of the fins. The main body is a bright shiny yellow, while the tip and down the sides are red outlined in gold. The fins are red with yellow 5s on them. The front of the Rocket has 3 black portholes, (between them the Rocket is labeled the “Pathfinder X1” and the bottom has a black base. Small rivets, or nubs, surround the tip and also go around the Rocket’s center. The back of the Rocket has the three positions labeled on one half of the toy, and these are indicated by longer nubs and the words On, Off, and Open. The arrow indicator for which you’re on (if you can’t tell) is located on the other half of the toy. The back of the Rocket also features the Retro Pocket Rockets logo in black, and the back fin has information on Big Teaze Toys.

Turning the dial to Open, the two halves of the Rocket separate, allowing 1 AA battery to be inserted. The halves are easy to put back together, and once the battery’s in you’re ready to go for blast off.

Not surprisingly, this little Rocket sounds just like a rocket. It’s really loud, and it’ll be obvious you’re using something motorized when you’re behind closed doors. The vibrations are buzzy and decently strong – stronger than the Big Teaze Duckies, which may be due to the material and the shape. The vibrations are concentrated in the tip, but they travel down the entire toy to the bottom of the fins.

The Rocket works well on the bed and can handle a splashdown in the tub if it’s on. Don’t have it underwater or in the shower if it’s not in the On position, as the base isn’t tightly sealed then, and water can and will get into the battery compartment.

Since the Rocket is firm, you can get some good pressure on your clit. Depending on how you actually hold it, the nose can stimulate both the clit and the surrounding area.

The Retro Rocket is made of plastic, and is free from latex, phthalates, heavy metals, and lead. It’s easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water, or you can wipe it down with a toy cleaner or wipe. The material is compatible with both waterbased and silicone lubes.

So, Does It Work? I really get a kick out of the Retro Rocket. It’s comparable to other pocket rockets in terms of strength, and it’s so darn cute. Its tip is hard so I can get the pressure I like to use on my clit, and it has decent battery life so I don’t have to worry about it dying during use. I love the fact that I can just store it on my shelf and no one’s the wiser, making it one of the most discreet vibrators I own, next to the Zen Stone and the Lipstick Vibe.

Thank you to Good Vibes for sending this to me to review! If you enjoy pocket rockets, the Retro Rocket is a fun one that you should take for a ride. You can blast off with one from by clicking the widget below (and check out the Man Eaters while you’re there too!)

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  3. Oh, that is adorable. As a fellow nerd I really want one!

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