A Little Bit of L’Amour

This month, I had the chance to review another vibrator in the L’Amour line from Cal Exotics, as part of their Sexpert program. Up this time is the L’Amour Petite Indulgence clitoral vibrator.

The Petite Indulgence comes in a see-through plastic box, with the product visible through the front. The back of the box is opaque and has a picture of the toy, as well as some product information. Inside the box are the vibrator and a small piece of paper detailing battery insertion for different Cal Exotics designs. It’s available in three colors: pink, purple and blue: I received mine in purple.

This is a cute little vibrator. It’s 5” long overall and a soft lavender in color. It’s made of ABS plastic with a PU cote, so it’s smooth and satiny to the touch. A seam runs up and down both sides – it’s visible, but it’s been smoothed down so there aren’t any rough edges. There’s also a seam on the small neck under the head that can be seen and felt, but it’s not in a place that will be felt during use. You’ll find one more seam where the battery compartment twists off from the vibrator. Raised lettering is on the underside (information on where it’s made, what batteries it takes and that it’s waterproof) and on the top (letting you know to twist to open base).

Petite Indulgence has a rounded head or ball with a 1 ½” diameter that sits atop a narrower neck (about 3/4″). The body then widens and flattens out into a tear shape. While the head could be inserted vaginally (good if you have a very shallow g-spot) or even anally, it’s meant to be used on the clitoris to provide vibrating stimulation. The shape of the body makes it easy and comfortable to hold during use.

The battery compartment is easy to access by twisting the base about 1/8 of a turn counter clockwise. The Petite Indulgence takes 2 AAA batteries, and the battery direction is clearly labeled. An O-ring sits right below the threads, making this vibrator waterproof and safe for play in the shower or tub.

This vibrator has one button (made of silicone) on its top side. It’s milky white and soft and easy to press. The button allows you to control the variable speeds of the Petite Indulgence over several intensities from low to high. To set the intensity, simply press and hold the button until it’s as strong as you want. Another press will quickly turn the Petite Indulgence off. In order to change intensity levels, the vibrator will shut off with the button press (even if you hold it) and then will adjust as the button is held. A red LED light glows behind the top of the button, and it grows brighter and lights up more of the button the higher the intensity selected.

Petite Indulgence has very buzzy, surface vibrations that are fairly strong. They’re pretty well concentrated in the head, although they do travel down the body a bit. The vibrations are somewhat loud, and will be heard under covers but will be muffled by music on in the background. On high, the sound is a bit high pitched.
The Petite Indulgence is easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water. It can be wiped dry and stored in its box or in your toy drawer. Water based lubricants are recommended.

So, Did It Work? I think this is a cute little vibrator. It has decent vibration strength, and while it’s not a powerhouse, on high it’s satisfying. I don’t mind buzzy vibrations, and they worked well enough for me. I liked the feel of the ball on my clit and could get the pressure I enjoy, and I found it comfortable to hold. While this is insertable, it’s only insertable to about 2 1/2″, which did nothing for me at all.

The one main issue I have is with the button. Since there’s only one, it would be ideal if I wanted to go from a low vibration to a higher one to be able to press and hold the button to increase the vibrations without the vibrator turning off. Instead, the press of the button, even if you hold it down, shuts the Petite Indulgence off and you have to start over from the beginning.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending this to me to review as part of their Sexperts program!

This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. Buzzy vibrations don’t bother me too much, but high pitched whining… ugh. I hate noisy vibrators in general, and high pitched ones are the worst!

  2. I was just trying to Google one of the new products EF sent me and it the third site down was your blog. I wasn’t expecting that. Nice review, Sammi. Thank you. I was just sent an item just like this, but somewhat different.

    Nice Blog!