Love on the Rocks

The Cal Exotics Bound By Diamonds line that I’ve seen so far has been BDSM themed, with hogties, cuffs, and more.  This month, though, I got a chance to try out a non-bondage toy from the line, the Diamond Teaser, as a Cal Exotics Sexpert.

The Bound By Diamonds Diamond Teaser is a corded bullet vibrator. It comes in a plastic clamshell that’s easy to open. The product is visible through the front, and the back of the package has a picture of the product along with its features. Inside the package is the bullet and a small pamphlet with battery insertion instructions for a variety of Cal Exotics products.

The bullet is small, at about 2 1/4″ long and 1 1/8” at its widest point. The upper half of the bullet is black ABS plastic covered with PU cote, and has a velvety soft texture. The bottom half of the bullet is ABS plastic covered with silver plating. The bullet isn’t evenly divided; rather, the silver swirls up on one side and down on the other, and a ridge separates the two colors.  The bullet is connected to the controller by a 27 1/2″ cord.

The controller is ergonomically shaped and comfortable to hold, at 4 1/4″ long and 1 1/4″ wide. It’s black and made of ABS plastic with a PU cote.  The battery compartment is located on the back and accessed by removing a slide closure. It holds 3 AAA batteries, which are easy to insert.

The front of the controller has 5 “diamond” (glass) accents that form a curve on the right of the power button. The button is elongated and can be pressed on either the top or the bottom. Pressing it up increases the bullet’s vibrations, while pressing it down decreases them and also will turn them off when at the lowest level.

The bullet has five levels of power, all steady. A red LED light just above the diamonds glows steadily and increases in intensity as the vibrations are increased. The vibrations, particularly on the highest setting, are quite strong and buzzy. They are somewhat noisy – anyone in the same room will easily be able to hear them, even under covers, although they won’t be heard through a closed door.

The Diamond Teaser isn’t waterproof, so care should be taken during cleaning. The bullet should be washed both before and after use with warm water and nonabrasive soap; a toy cleaner can also be used. The controller can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. Cal Exotics recommends only using a waterbased lubricant if necessary.

So, Did It Work? I’m always a bit skeptical of toys that use AAA batteries, but the Diamond Teaser fortunately used 3 which gave it decent power. It was surprisingly strong on the highest setting and worked well. The bullet was easy to situate, although a bit tricky to hang on to after a while since the whole bullet vibrates like crazy.  I liked the feel of the bullet, and the shape of the controller was better than the flat models that can be trickier to hold on to. A separate off button would have made it better, but with only 5 speeds it’s not too hard to cycle it down.

This is one of the few bullets I’ve had in a while that didn’t have pattern settings, but when I’m using a bullet clitorally I prefer the steady vibrations (internally is a different matter).

Overall, this is a good bullet, and recommended if you don’t mind a bit of noise and like the steady strong, buzzy vibrations.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending the Diamond Teaser to me to review as part of their Sexperts program!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. I think the ‘bullet on a wire’ vibrator style is one of the best to recommend to sex toy newbies, so it’s always nice to see them put together with attractive designs.