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I love being a part of  Sexis’ Naked Reader Book Club, which has exposed me to an amazing amount and variety of erotica. The more I read, the more I find I enjoy the ones that have to do more with dominance and submission.  Whether physical or mental, these stories – if they’re well written – really turn me on and excite me when I’m reading them, which is what I feel good erotica should do.   Please, Sir, one of the June Book Club selections, is the second collection I’ve read recently on this topic, and one of those great collections that delivers multiple satisfying reads, particularly if, like me, the idea of submitting or reading about submission is something that excites you.

Please, Sir (Erotic Stories of Female Submission) was published in 2010 by Cleis Press and is edited by author, editor, and blogger Rachel Kramer Bussel.  It’s an oversized paperback with a shiny cover. Its 213 pages contain an introduction, about the authors and editor sections, and 22 amazing stories of women who willingly submit to their men. The stories are all fairly quick reads.

In Rachel’s introduction, she talks about how the key to life is “high risk, high reward”, and this is also true about kink. The risk in submission isn’t always physical, but rather mental and emotional.

It’s an interesting parallel, and it does ring true. I’ve gotten many of the best rewards and satisfaction in life out of taking risks, although I’ve crashed and burned a few times as well. While my partner and I aren’t the kinkiest, we’ve found our way by taking those risks and having those conversations, and I’m glad that we didn’t play it safe. Without taking the risks we wouldn’t have a chance for the satisfaction we’ve obtained.

The stories in this book are all told from the submissive’s point of view, mostly in the first person but a few in third.  Most involve physical interaction, and many of the couples are married.

The stories are set in a gamut of locations, from cyberspace to a class reunion, from a roadside diner to a bathroom, from a hospital to a park, and anywhere in between, including the couple’s homes. The women enjoy their submission, and while in many of the stories they seem to rebel, it’s to receive more of the punishment they crave.

While I enjoyed every story in this collection, there were some that I found particularly exciting and arousing, including:

“Anticipation” by Shanna Germain She sits in a German café, instant messaging her lover in New Hampshire. She hasn’t seen him in 6 months and she has 2 more months across Europe – can what he types arouse her as much as her being with him and leave her yearning for what will occur when she comes home?

“Because He Can” by Elizabeth Coldwell Subconsciously, Nicky wanted her husband to find out about Adam, and her husband is willing to let her have her adventure. He has one condition, however: she has to show Adam what she’s really like. Will Adam be able to handle it when he comes over for dinner, and will Nicky find out how to submit to two completely different men?

“I Breathe Your Name” by Tess Danesi Dar’s gone when she wakes up, and Tess remembers him asking her to go run with him. She’d gone back to sleep, and now goes to watch the man she loves take a shower.  She joins him, but her act of biting his ear a bit too hard may just take her breath away for good.

“Welcome to the World” by Ariel Graham Lisa awakens in a cage, a place she hasn’t slept in over a year. Her husband Mark has called her in sick for work. She doesn’t remember the agreement they drew up the night before, but will she be able to completely comply with its rules and let the Game become reality?

This is a book that’s earned a place in my nightstand drawer, where I can reread the stories and enjoy them again and again.  If you have any sort of submissive leaning or enjoy reading about women who do and act on it, Please, Sir is a great read and arousing erotica that you’re sure to enjoy.   You can pick up your copy at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below.

Thank you to EdenFantasys for sending this to me for free to review! If you’re interested in erotica and chatting with erotica writers, check out the Naked Reader Book Club on the EdenFantasys forums, where discussions occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month with host Kristina Wright and often special guests.

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  1. Mmm, this sounds wonderful. Anything edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel tends to be a total gem.

  2. So glad you enjoyed this anthology and my story. Honored to be among those stories that now have a spot in your night table.

    Thank you!