I’ve Got a Secret!

Some of my favorite toys are from Tantus – the Maverick, O2 Revolution, Leisure, and Infinity Plug come to mind right off.  I don’t have a lot of vibrating ones from them though, and in my continuing quest for discreet clitoral vibrators, I thought I’d give one of the new Tantus Little Secrets a try, so I requested the new Whisper from Babeland.com to review.

The Whisper is one of 4 Little Secrets. All have the same bullet, but the sleeve color and shape differ to provide different stimulation.  It comes in a clear box and is clearly visible inside.  This Little Secret comes in midnight purple silicone, and it’s a pretty, darker purple swirl.   The silicone is matte, so it has a good bit of drag when you run your finger over its surface.

The sleeve is 3 1/2″ long and about 1” wide at its widest point. It’s shaped like a bullet or torpedo, with a flexible, tapered tip which widens and then gradually narrows. The bullet is 3 1/4″ long and 5/8” wide. It sticks out from the bottom of the sleeve, and it can easily be removed by rolling the sleeve up and pulling it completely out. Due to the type of silicone the sleeve is made of, it rolls up and back onto the bullet without tearing or stretching.

The bullet uses 1 N battery, which is included in the box. The battery is inserted by unscrewing the base of the bullet and inserting it + side first.  A purple O-ring sits below the threads.  It’s simple to operate – just push the purple button on the bullet’s base to turn it on and off.  The bullet just has one speed, which is high and buzzy. The vibrations overall are moderately strong and not overly loud at all.  Even though the bullet doesn’t fit up into the tip of the sleeve, the vibrations can be felt fairly well there.

The Whisper is good for clitoral stimulation or shallow vaginal stimulation, and it can also be used to tease other body parts if you so desire. It’s not safe anally, however.

Since the sleeve is made of silicone, it’s phthalates free and body safe. It should be cleaned both before and after use with warm water and antibacterial soap.  The Whisper can be stored in its box, or in a small toy bag.

So, Did It Work? I like the Whisper, particularly for teasing.  The shape is nice, and it’s a pleasant size to use on my clit and nestle there. While its power isn’t strong enough for me to make me cum very quickly, it’s great for foreplay before I bring out the heavier guns. I love that the bullet can be completely removed for better cleaning, and the sleeve is easy to roll off and onto the bullet without tearing. Overall, this is a good choice if you don’t mind having one speed, and you like moderately strong vibrations.

Thank you to Babeland for sending this to me to review! If you’d like to have a Little Secret of your own, you can pick one up at Babeland.com

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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