Every Move You Make, I’ll be watching you…

I’m a bit of a voyeur. I don’t mean just watching others have sex in porn – I certainly won’t turn a blind eye if I see a couple sharing a kiss or grope in public, or even where they don’t think they can be seen. I’m also a bit of an exhibitionist. I’ve had sex in public places before, or out in open places, where I could have been seen, and may have been. It’s definitely a thrill, and I looked forward to reading Hide and Seek (Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists), one of the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club selections for March.

Hide and Seek is an erotic collection published by Cleis Press in 2007, with a new forward from Jo Weldon in 2010. It’s an oversized paperback with a shiny cover and holds 187 pages. It has 21 stories, a forward and two introductions, as well as about the authors and editors sections. The book is edited by Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel, two women whose stories I’ve enjoyed in other collections.

Jo Weldon is the founder and headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, and she’s worked with a variety of performers. She’s even been featured on television news magazines and TV shows. In Jo’s forward, she talks about what fuels passion and imagination, and how it’s often what leads to the sexual encounter that makes it so satisfying. She also tells about her early experiences with masturbation and her troubles finding a private place, which led to her releasing her fear of being caught and enjoying both watching and being watched.

Alison Tyler has written over 25 erotic novels and edited over 50 anthologies. In her introduction, she talks about how, as a writer, she’s always watching, whether what she sees is related to sex or not. She introduces the stories here as a way to safely eavesdrop on the sexual exploits of others.

Rachel Kramer Bussel is the editor of over 50 erotica collections, and she’s written for other publications as well. She introduces the stories by talking about how they show both voyeurs and exhibitionists in new ways, and talks about how writers are all exhibitionists of one sort or another.

Most of the stories in this collection are quite good, and rather arousing. They are told from both points of view (voyeur and exhibitionist), and a few are from the male viewpoint. The encounters are mostly heterosexual, although a few feature just women or men.

The stories feature a wide variety of situations: chance meetings between strangers, an auditioning aspiring porn star, cab sex, and sex for an unknown watcher behind a telescope are only a few of the erotic encounters here. From sex in front of a crowd to sex at the opera, sex in a public park to sex seen from a roof, and even a masturbation display by a wife for her husband are all enticing and exciting stories in the pages of this book.

Some of the stories I found most erotic and arousing include:

“Counting the Days” by Saskia Walker She’s a temp in an office, and that Friday she sees a window washer outside. His scribbled note to wear a shorter skirt for next time excites her, and the two play a game on Fridays of teasing and tempting each other. Can the window washer restrain himself from making contact? Can she?

“Red Light, Green Light” by Shanna Germain Danny’s given her a most unusual gift – he’s rented his wife a window in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. She knows he’s watching, and when she puts herself on display it doesn’t take long for a man she sees and desires to come up to her window. Danny’s watching as she invites him inside. Will she make the most of this present?

“A Girl, Two Guys, and a Sex Toy” by Kristina Wright It’s New Years Eve, and she’s just broken up with her boyfriend. Her neighbors come over to celebrate the new year and so do two of her good friends, Kevin and Michael. They talk, reminisce, and drink in her bed, and things are pretty platonic until Michael finds a big dildo her friend has given her to get over the breakup. She’s drunk and horny, and gives the guys a show while she tries it out for the first time. Will it be a Happy New Year?

“Peeping Tom, Dick, and Harriet” by Michelle Houston Stacie is a closet exhibitionist, and her girlfriend Amy has convinced her to have sex in a peep show room where every window is a one-way street and the watchers can’t be seen. Can Stacie perform, and will she enjoy the experience of being watched by a group of strangers that she won’t ever see?

Hide and Seek contains a lot of good erotic stories that are sure to excite, especially if you secretly (or not so secretly) like to watch or be watched. They offer an extra window – a way for you to be the voyeur to the naughtiness taking place on the pages.

The Naked Reader Book Club discussion for this book was held March 3 on the EdenFantasys forum, with host Kristina Wright. Check out the discussion, and then you can pick up your copy of Hide and Seek at EdenFantasys by clicking here or on the widget below.

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