Black and White Elegance

My husband and I like to play around with bondage and dress up, and we both find collars and cuffs immensely appealing on me. They aren’t something I’d ever think to wear out of the house, however. When I saw the Cocktail Party Collar and Cuffs set from Ruff Doggie Styles at EdenFantasys, the set really appealed to me.

This set comes packaged flat in a simple plastic bag. It comes in either black and pink or black and white: I chose the black and white. All three pieces are made of a soft, supple leather that has a light leather smell. Each piece is black leather on one side, and white leather on the other, both fine-grain. The edges are smooth and flat, and the pieces are stitched together with black stitching on both sides that is even and secure. The pieces are well made and should last for a long time.

The collar is 17 1/2″ long from end to end, and 3 1/2″ wide when laid flat. When folded over the collar is 1 3/4″. When it’s folded over and snapped, the collar looks just like a shirt collar. The collar is fastened by one top snap and two bottom snaps for adjustability. On the first snap the collar will fit up to a 16 1/2″ neck, and on the second up to a 15 3/4″ neck. If your neck is significantly smaller, this will be rather loose.

The cuffs are each 9” long and 4” wide. When folded over, they are 2”. These look like shirt cuffs when folded. The cuffs also have one top snap and two bottom snaps, and fit 8” wrists and 7 1/4″ wrists depending on the snap used. Just like the collar, if your wrists are a lot smaller, these will be loose.

Both the collar and cuffs are reversible, so they can be worn with the white overlaying the black, or the black overlaying the white for a completely different look. The only thing that looks different is when the black is used on the outside, it’s the bottom of the snap you see at the closure.

The leather is smooth against the skin and feels comfortable to wear, although it will trap a bit of sweat between your flesh and the pieces.

Since these are made of leather, they are easy to care for. They can be wiped with a damp cloth and soapy water if necessary, and can be conditioned with leather cleaner.

So, Did They Work? These looked wonderful on! The collar fit my neck fine and wasn’t too loose, and the cuffs fit well on my wrists. The first night I wore them with the black as the cuffed part, and paired with a black leather skirt and black boots they looked really cute and really made the outfit. I tried them with the white as the cuffed part, and under a blazer as well. It’s not what I would wear out of the house, but it looked pretty hot for dictation play. My husband found these very sexy.

These aren’t meant for heavy play, but look wonderfully decorative and really complete a look, whether worn with a skirt or by themselves. Gentle tugging is fine, but a hard tug on the front caused this to come open. It may not be as easy to open on smaller necks if there’s more space between your neck and the collar.

I bought mine at EdenFantasys, and you can pick up the Cocktail Party Collar and Cuffs set for yourself by clicking the widget below.

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Costume by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather

This item was purchased from EdenFantasys with no expectation of review. This review is in compliance with the FCC guidelines.

One response to “Black and White Elegance

  1. Splendwhore

    These are sooo snazzy! I wonder how well they'd blend in under a regular blouse? It would be neat if it could pass for a regular shirt collar. Thanks for the review! These are going on my wishlist. =D