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Tickle Your Fancy

Lately I’ve had a thing for rabbits. Not the soft, furry, living and breathing kind, mind you, but the silicone/plastic/other material vibrating and rotating at the push of a button kind. I’m finding them rather fun for solo play, so I was thrilled to receive the Lia Dual Stimulator Tickle Tip, one of three new rabbit designs by Cal Exotics,from to review.

The Lia comes in an easy to open plastic box and is visible through the front. The back has some product information about the vibrator, and a small flyer is included that has battery insertion directions for a variety of Cal Exotics toys, as well as general instructions and warnings.

This vibrator is pretty, and quite pink. It’s made of silicone with a matte finish so it has no smell or taste. There is just a bit of drag when you run your finger down the surface. A noticeable seam runs up the front and down the back, but while it’s visually noticeable it isn’t during use. The Lia is soft, with just a bit of squish under your fingers.

This vibrator is 8 1/2″ long overall, with 5 1/4″ of insertable length, and just 1 1/4″ in diameter. The head is flat and has small, soft nubs on it for internal stimulation. The shaft has a slight curve towards the top for g-spot stimulation and several ripples down the shaft as well. The tip of the shaft is flexible, while the rest of the shaft is rigid.

The clitoral piece is about 2” long and has 2 “tongues” on the top. These tongues make the stimulator bird-like in appearance, and they vibrate like crazy when the Lia is turned on. The entire stimulator is flexible.

A silver band separates the upper part of the Lia from the base. This base twists about 1/4 of a turn to open so you can insert 2 AA batteries, + side down. There is also an O-ring to make the Lia safe for fun in the shower or bath.

Unlike many rabbit vibrators, the shaft of the Lia doesn’t rotate. Instead it has two motors for vibrations concentrated in the head and clitoral piece (the shaft doesn’t vibrate hardly at all). The motors aren’t independently controlled: instead they are controlled by the same button. The Lia is fairly quiet, which makes it good for discreet use.

The Lia has 2 control buttons. One is a dedicated on/off button, while the other allows you to cycle through 10 functions:
– Medium and steady
– Low and steady
– 5 fast pulse pattern
– Low pulse
– Medium pulse
– Fast pulse
– Lower, slower, throbbier pulse
– Longer, high pulse
– Very low, fast pulse
– High and steady

The Lia is made of silicone, so it is phthalates free and non-porous. It has no smell or taste. It’s easy to care for – simply wash before and after use with warm water and antibacterial soap (a toy cleaner also works). The Lia should be dried after washing and can be stored in its box or a toy bag. Only water-based lubricants should be used.

So, Did It Work? This is a pretty fun little vibrator. While the vibration strength is only moderate, several of the vibration patterns are low and throbby, as opposed to surface vibrations, and are quite pleasant. While I don’t think the nubs on the top do much, it was nice to have so many vibrations in the tip. The tongues, or beak, on the clitoral piece vibrated like crazy until I put a lot of pressure on them, but the piece still provided moderately strong vibrations to my clit.

One thing that’s different than most other vibrators with functions is the way the Lia remembers your previous setting. If you leave the batteries in, turning this vibrator off and then on using the power button puts it on the vibration pattern you were last at. If you press the cycle button, it will start on the next pattern on the list. Removing the batteries and reinserting them causes the Lia to start over on the first pattern.

I tried the Lia in the bathtub and had no problems with water getting into the battery compartment.

The Lia would be a good vibrator if you like low to moderate intensity, as well as a smaller shaft. If you’re interested, you can pick up the Lia for yourself at  

Thank you to for sending this to me for free to review!

This product was provided for free by in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Vibrate Your Ass!

I’m always looking for fun new anal toys, and vibrating ones in particular. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of something vibrating in your butt. So when offered to send me the Touche Bona Dea Anal Beads to review, I was quite excited.

The Bona Dea (literally, “Good Goddess”) comes packaged in a black box with silver and white lettering and accents. The product is visible through the front window, and is fully displayed by lifting the magnetically close flap on the back. The back of the box contains product information in several languages.

Inside the box is the Bona Dea, a 2 instruction manuals (4 languages each), and a “Bullet Key”. This key allows you to remove the bullets easily from the bulbs of the toy. The bullets can be removed without it, but it’s very hard to do so.

The Bona Dea is covered by a one year warranty on problems with the motor or silicone tearing do to material or manufacturing errors. This warranty doesn’t cover neglect or misuse.

The Bona Dea comes in 2 vibrant colors, pink and purple. I chose the purple one, and it’s a lovely shade, and smooth to the touch, with just a little drag under your finger. The entire toy is 9” long, with 6” insertable. It consists of 3 bulbs separated by stems atop a handle. The entire piece is completely flexible, especially the stems, and will bend and flex with your body.

Each bulb is nicely shaped, about 1 3/4″ long and 1 1/4″ wide at its widest point. The stem between each is about 3/8” wide and 1/4″ long. The stem is narrow enough to keep the bulb in place, whether you insert 1, 2, or all 3 of them. The handle is curved and has a 1 1/2″ long, 3/4″ wide hole, which is easy to slip a finger into.

The bulbs each hold a bullet, which is 1 3/8” long and 1/2″ wide. These are inserted on the bottom of the bulb closest to the base. When properly inserted, the top of the bullet is flush with the bottom of the bulb. The bullets are a cream-colored plastic, and each holds 2 LR 41 cell batteries. They run on ultrasonic motors and have a runtime of 40 minutes each. The bullets are very quiet, and you can’t hear them at all when the Bona Dea is inserted.

The tricky part with these anal beads is inserting the bulbs with the bullets activated. It doesn’t take much of a press to turn the bullets on or off, and when inserting the bulbs you have to be careful to hold the stem below the bulb so as not to hit the bullet’s base. If you do turn it off by mistake, press it again when the bulb is fully inserted, then go down to the next stem to begin to insert the next bulb.

The Bona Dea is made of 100% silicone, so it’s non-porous, phthalates-free, latex-free, and hypoallergenic. It should be cleaned both before and after each use with antibacterial soap and warm water. It can also be run through the dishwasher in the top rack to disinfect it, but make sure to remove the bullets! The bullets can be removed with the provided tool. They fit very snugly, so if you lose the tool, you’ll have to firmly press the top of the bulb down to push out the bullet.

The bullets are plastic and splashproof, but not waterproof, so they should not be submerged in water. They can be cleaned with soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. The bullets and the Bona Dea should be completely dry before reinserting the bullets. Only water based lubricants should be used with this toy. The Bona Dea shouldn’t be used vaginally if you are menstruating, and should not be used at all if you are pregnant.

This chain can be used vaginally as well as anally, but the toy should always be thoroughly cleaned and a condom should be used if you plan to use it in both places. You should also use a condom if sharing this toy.

So, Does It Work? Yes! I love that each bulb has its own vibrating bullet. So often with vibrators, the vibrations just don’t carry down the entire length of the toy. With the Bona Dea, since each bulb has its own bullet, the vibrating sensations are quite pleasant and distinct. Even though the bullets aren’t encased by silicone, there’s no worry about them slipping out and ending up somewhere they shouldn’t. They firmly seat into each bulb, and the bulb openings are at the bottom.

I didn’t find the bulb string too long, and once it was fully inserted, to the handle I didn’t have any problems with the bulbs popping out. The only real problem I had was turning off the bullets as I was inserting each bulb. What I found to work the best was not to worry about it until the bulb was just inserted, and then pressing on the bullet bottom to turn it on if it wasn’t. I didn’t have any problem with the next bulb causing the previous one to turn off. The bulbs were a bit more difficult to get out then get in, but that made for a pleasant sensation as well.

The Touche Bona Dea is definitely a lot of fun for anal play. If you’d like to give it a try, you can get yours at .

Thank you to for sending this to me for free to review!

This product was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Play Like An Egyptian

I love trying new rabbit vibrators.  For my first review for, I selected the Triple Treat Rabbit vibrator. This toy definitely drew me to it by its interesting Egyptian styling, plus the fact that I’m always looking for either a good rabbit or dual stimulator. And a triple stimulator? You bet! The less toys I have to manipulate at the same time, the better.

The Triple Treat comes packaged in an easy-to-open clamshell, with the product visible through both sides. I got mine in purple, although it also comes in pink.

Once removed from the packaging, the Triple Treat has a bit of a smell to it. It’s not overwhelming – although it doesn’t have to be right under your nose to detect it – and smells like a cross between rubber and grape. It’s an odd smell, but It fades considerably after a few washes and airing outs.  Then it smells a bit like playdoh.

The rubber material is squishy, and slightly tacky. It is also very flexible.

The Triple Treat is about 9 1/2” long overall. The main shaft is about 4 1/2″ insertable and a pleasant 1 1/2” in diameter. The purple color has some shine to it and is very pretty. The shaft is detailed to look like a Pharaoh, complete with headdress and arms crossed to hold an ankh and whip. The headdress turns into the head of the shaft when viewed from the side or back, and large veins run down the sides and back. The upper half of the shaft is very flexible, down to where the bullet is located.

The anal probe is 4 1/2″ long, and is quite slim – just a hair over 1/2″ in diameter – so it’s suitable for beginners. It is covered with small lines, and incredibly flexible, although firm enough for insertion. This flexibility allows the Triple Treat to be used without inserting this probe if desired.

The clitoral piece is about 2” long and 1” wide. It looks like a lion, with 3 tongues that reach out from its mouth for stimulation. The bullet is located in its middle, and it can be flexed from below close to the base.

The base is 2 1/2″ long, and large enough to easily hold the Triple Treat. It’s a bright, shiny purple that looks metallic although it’s made of plastic. It looks a bit like the “metal” used on toy ray guns. The base opens by sliding off the back, and inside is a warranty sheet.

The Triple Treat Rabbit Vibrator uses 4 AA batteries, which are easily inserted in the base, and there’s no problem figuring out which way they go in. The back is a bit tricky to get back on, and you’ll want to make sure it’s firmly In place so it doesn’t pop off during use.

The vibrations for the Triple Treat are controlled on the front of the base. It has an on/off button, and two dials. The dial on the left, labeled “Teaser”, controls the shaft and anal probe. The shaft’s vibrations are strongest from the base to about 1/2 way up, and much gentler in the tip. The anal probe vibrates incredibly all the way up to the tip. It doesn’t feel like it has a bullet in it, but the vibrations from the shaft’s bullet transmit delightfully up the probe.

The dial on the right is labeled “Pleaser” and controls the clitoral stimulator. The lion, and its 3 tongues, vibrate madly when turned to maximum intensity.

The vibrations go from low to very fast in intensity, and you can adjust the vibration of each to get the right pleasing combination.  When the vibrations are on maximum for both dials, the Triple Treat is very loud. It’s best to have some music on in the background to help cover up the sound.

You’ll want to make sure when you’re done using the Triple Treat that you do have it turned off and that you don’t just have the dials turned down. As with all vibrators, it’s best to remove the batteries when the toy is not in use.

While the packaging does not list the material, it smells and feels like rubber or a rubber compound. This material is dirt-repellant, but porous, and a bit difficult to clean. It’s best to use a condom with this toy. Both silicone and water-based lubricants are safe to use.

To clean, the Triple Treat can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water, or you can use a toy cleaner. You’ll want to carefully clean around the detailing on the shaft and clitoral piece, and a small soft brush (like a toothbrush) will help clean the crevasses. The base should be wiped with a soapy cloth and carefully dried. The Triple Treat is not waterproof, so be careful not to get water in the battery compartment.

So, does it work?  Yes and no.  The anal probe vibrates like mad, is easy to insert, and feels great, although it could be a bit wider.  The main shaft has more vibrations towards the bottom than the head, and doesn’t stimulate as much deep inside as I’d like.

When the shaft and anal probe are fully inserted, the clitoral piece is a bit too short to hit me where I need it, but adjusting it tends to pull the shaft and anal probe out a bit.  The tongues on the lion flicker wonderfully, and the vibration is quite intense, but for me it needs to be just a bit longer.  It depends on your anatomy as to how well this will work for you.

I found this worked the best with short, shallow thrusts.

I didn’t have any problem hitting the on/off button or the dials by mistake.  The base was easy to hold on to, although there were a few times I thought the back to the battery compartment was going to come off.

If you’re looking for a rabbit with an unusual look and the added bonus of an anal probe, the Triple Treat Vibrator is one to look at.

Thank you to for sending this to me free to review!

This product was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.