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My Holiday Picks from Babeland!

Tis the season for shopping! Today my list comes from, who has a Holiday Gift Guide with lots of great items. I hope Santa thinks I’ve been good enough (or bad enough) to consider my list!

I want the Minna Ola the most.  The squeeze technology looks like fun, and since it has a memory? That would be promising indeed.

I love getting and giving massages, too, and the JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set looks like just the thing to relax with and start the evening off right, while getting to try 6 different scents of these great massage candles.

The cutest item on the list has to be Santa Duckie, one of the I Rub My Duckie series. He’s all decked out in his red Santa suit and comes inside an ornament. He’s one of the few on the list that I have, and one I’ve given to a few close friends.

Make sure to check out the Holiday Gift Guide at and find that gift you’ve been looking for!

Spray Me!

I’ve been on the lookout for fun items that might make their way to Vegas with me next month. I intend to do some pampering and be pampered, so what better way to do that than massages and oils? With that in mind, I wanted to try out the Babeland Massage Oil Spray from Continue reading

You CAN Take It With You

Tote bags are always handy – and I never seem to have enough of them! I use them for a lot of things: small shopping trips, going to the gym or pool, carrying items here or there and keeping things organized in my car. I think I collect them at times (like shot glasses and coffee cups), just to have bags with different sayings in different colors.  The Babeland Eco-Tote looked different, so I decided to pick this up to review.

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Highly Aroused and Ready To Go

I’ve reviewed a lot of different items, in many categories, but one category that’s been a bit neglected is the arousal products (well, condoms are neglected too, but that’s not something I see myself reviewing unless I get to make all kinds of cute condom animals or something). The few that I’ve tried have been warming gels or lotions, and I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit. I’ve always wanted to try Shunga, so I thought I’d try a cooling arousal product this time and I selected the Shunga Arousal Gel from to review.

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Venus, If You Will…

It seems like most of my vibrators lately, if they aren’t clitoral, are G-spot. Which surprises me a bit, as I never used to go for the G-spot kind – now it’s almost all I look for.  So I was happy to try out the Berman Venus G vibrator from .

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