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Kink Of The Week: Dacryphilia

By MarcoBolognesi (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By MarcoBolognesi (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dacryphilia: to be sexually aroused by your partner’s tears (Urban Dictionary)

I’m not much into crying. I’ve done my fair share, it’s true, especially this past year. Besides normal life, there are some movies that reduce me to a sobbing mess at the end (Donnie Darko and Star Trek II to name a few)….there’s even some movies I refused to watch to the end because I’d knew I’d cry (Marley & Me comes to mind). A few songs leave me teary eyed, depending on my mood.  I hate for others to see me cry, no matter who it is. So, as you can imagine, crying isn’t something I want to do during sex, although I can see how this might be an attraction for some.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t shed tears during play. But it’s rarely been because of a spanking or paddling (winces and cries are much more likely). When I do cry lately, it tends to be because I am having such a strong orgasm. The kind that used to just overwhelm me now can’t be contained, and copious amounts of tears run down my face. I’m not sad – far from it. But I can’t control these tears no matter how hard I try. In a way, I guess it is an emotional release of sorts, as well as a physical one.

My husband has never tried to make me cry when we’re playing – in fact, he’s rather disconcerted when he sees the salty tears roll down my cheeks…no matter how gentle or rough he’s being, I can’t control them. I don’t think they turn him off, but they’re not exactly a turnon for him either. I’ve only seen him cry a time or two, never during sex, and his tears are not a turn on for me, either.

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Kink Of The Week: Maschalagnia

Eugène Emmanuel Amaury Duval [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Eugène Emmanuel Amaury Duval [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Armpits…everyone has them. I’ve never considered them particularly erotic, and the term maschalagnia (armpit fetishism) was new to me. I don’t think about them much, but they do make a good place to warm your hands on an ice-cold day.

My husband’s armpits have quite a bit of hair, and they are also probably the most ticklish place on his body. He absolutely hates if I touch him there. Mine are shaved every day, and they’re smooth…and also a bit ticklish if I’m in the right mood.

I have seen porn where the armpit is used, and a cock (or two) slides into and out of that area. Typically this is in gang bangs, and there’s no other place they can really use for stimulation, as everything’s occupied. Well, I suppose there’s the back of the knees, if they’re bent, but that would be a tricky position. Would I let a cock fuck my armpit? Maybe…but there are a lot of other places I’d rather it be.

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Kink Of The Week: Pinching

By Sejenade (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Sejenade (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I hate being pinched. I remember when I was younger, and I’d forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s day one year. People tried to pinch me all day long, and it hurt. A good way to remember to wear green, but it also fostered my hatred for pinching.

There’s something about it that I find painful, worse than almost anything else. I’ve only ever been pinched maliciously, and it hurts everywhere, except my earlobes. I’ve never found it fun, or teasing – and I won’t let my husband do it during foreplay or sex. I especially dislike being pinched on my ass, whether clothed or not, and it doesn’t matter if it’s more of a full-hand pinch or a finger pinch.

Clothespins and clamps I consider a bit different, maybe because I only have used them on my nipples, although I do find them awfully painful. It’s just something about the finger pinch that I don’t enjoy.

I’ll take anything over pinching…and I don’t like to pinch others, either. I’ve never had anyone ask me to be pinched, and it’s not something my husband’s into….thankfully.

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Kink Of The Week: Orgasm Control

By Photos by flipchip / [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Photos by flipchip / [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I don’t have very good orgasm control. I can hold back for a while, but when I have to cum, I have to cum. Trying to hold back, for me, often makes my orgasms much more intense than if I just came when I was ready. If I was told not to orgasm, I could only do it for so long, and then it’d be all over.

Forced orgasms, on the other hand, I do enjoy to a point. WHen I’m bound, I like having a wand making me cum over and over, and being powerless to stop it. But after several orgasms, I really feel like I just can’t have any more. Which of course I can, but they’re so intense at that point that I need a break. They aren’t punishment, by any means, and I don’t think even for a sense of control, but just for satisfaction during play.

I’ve heard that people can cum on command, but I’m certainly not one of them. I can be aroused and dripping at just a few words, but I can’t seem to take it all the way. It’s something I’d like to know more about, but I suspect it’s something I’d never be able to achieve.


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Kink Of The Week: Dildos


From left to right: Eleven, Smooth S, Leisure, Fling, Dracula, Cyborg

I love dildos. I’ll admit that I have more vibrators, but there’s just something about dildos that I enjoy. It took me a while to get my first one, but now, for me, they’re like Lay’s potato chips – you can’t fuck just one.


The Tantus Sherbet on the Tantus suction cup

The very first dildo I ever got, and which I still have, was the silicone Tantus Sherbet. It was also the first dildo I ever wrote a review for. Yes, it has a bullet hole, but it works just fine without vibration. Plus, it’s the most beautiful green.

I have a large assortment of silicone dildos, which include all sizes from small to large, the largest being Hoss. Some are beautifully colored – green, pink, black, orange, and blue – while others are flesh tones. Some are rather monstrous as well. Many of the brightly colored ones are realistic in shape, but some are not….and all of the flesh-colored ones are realistic. I do still have some non-silicone realistic dildos that I just can’t get rid of because of their size and how they feel. These are quite detailed, and are molded from real people…quite well endowed porn stars.


Smooth Operator on the stationary bike

Several of the dildos I own have that bullet hole on the bottom, which works well on a suction cup attachment…and using a suction cup adds a whole new dimension for playing with them. Hole or not, they all work well on a fucking machine.

While I do love silicone, I also have a lot of dildos in other materials, including glass, metal, and wood. Most of my glass dildos are colorful, although a few are clear, and they tend to be smaller in girth than all the others. My metal dildos include the Eleven, which is by far the heaviest one I own. I only have two wooden ones: the Smooth S and the Fling, both from NobEssence, and they are two of my favorites. I particularly love the fling, which as a handle…and that comes in pretty handy.


Shane Diesel’s cock

Overall, I prefer grittier dildos and dildos with texture…unless they’re for anal use, where I prefer them thinner and smooth. I like curved ones, as they’re better to hit my g-spot, but straight ones can be quite filling and satisfying as well.

Dildos are great anytime: solo or with my partner, during kink play or regular sex. I don’t consider dildos inherently kinky, although when I’ve got two on the machine thrusting away into me and I’m bound, it probably crosses over that line. But as much as I love them, they’re really no substitute for a flesh and blood cock.


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