It’s Really Not Minty

Continuing my quest to find the perfect large dildo, I came across the Radiant Gems Ballsy Cock from Doc Johnson at EdenFantasys. I wanted to try this for a while. It seems the perfect blend of realistic design with fanciful color.

The Ballsy comes packaged in an easy-to-open clamshell case, with the Ballsy visible through the front plastic. Product information is on both the front and back of the package. The Ballsy comes in both mint green and purple, and, being the sucker for colors that I am, I went for the green. The green is very pretty – it’s the color of the filling in an Andes mint.

The package mentions that the Ballsy is lightly scented, apparently with the scent of rubber. I was honestly expecting it to smell minty, so I was a bit disappointed. Although, really, a minty-fresh dildo might be a bit strange! I also wasn’t crazy about my hands smelling like this after handling Ballsy, and it took a few washes and dries of them to get rid of the scent. The underlying rubber smell isn’t as strong as on many toys I’ve had, and it did mostly dissipate after several washings and air dryings, although Ballsy remains lightly smelling of something and my hands still smell after handling him.

The Ballsy is made from SilAGel. SilAGel is made with polyvinyl chloride, so it is a semi-porous material. It is also antibacterial, non-toxic, latex free, and cadmium free. This material attracts dust easily, and it should be protected with a condom if you are planning on sharing this toy.

Ballsy is easy to clean. It should be washed both before and after use with warm water and mild soap, and patted dry with a soft cloth. The Ballsy should be stored out of direct sunlight, and away from other toys.

Both water-based and silicone lubricants are safe to use.

The Ballsy is 8 1/2″ long, with 7” insertable. It has a diameter of 1 3/4”, so it will be enjoyed by those who like their toys a bit thicker. It has a detailed head and veined texture. The texture isn’t overwhelming and can’t be felt much when inserted. The balls at the base make this easy to grip for thrusting, and it can also be used in an O-ring harness.

Ballsy is fun to use. With the flat base you can stand it upright on a table or other flat surface. It’s firm enough to thrust without the dildo bending out of shape. The balls make him easy to grip and control for thrusting. While the Ballsy doesn’t stimulate the g-spot, it can be used with the we-vibe or G-Ki for added stimulation.

My husband enjoyed the size of this one, although he had the same complaint about the smell that I did. He liked the size and shape of the base for control and thrusting, and didn’t find the base to get in the way when he wanted to join in.

This is not a bad dildo. It’s inexpensive, a good size, and a great color. If it didn’t have such an odor, I’d recommend it more highly.

I purchased this one at EdenFantasys, and you can too by clicking here.

product picture
Dildo by Doc Johnson
Material: Sil-a-Gel
This product was purchased from EdenFantasys.  This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. This page appears to get a large ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It gives a nice individual spin on things. I guess having something real or substantial to give info on is the most important factor.

  2. These come in such odd colors. 🙂 Everyone seems to like them though. Great review.