Wicked Wednesday: Continue

Painting by Renoir - Banhista Enxugando a Perna Direita - nude woman

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The days grow short and you are almost always on my mind,
Our fate is interwoven and our love is intertwined.
I cannot bear to be apart from you these many days,
You truly drive me crazy in a hundred different ways.

I think about desire’s rush when your hands touch my skin,
The flush of heat I feel on both the outside and within.
The primal urge I have to grasp your cock and stroke you hard,
And then to ride you all night long while letting down my guard.

To slumber safely in your arms is all that I desire,
Our bodies pressed together, endless love our lone attire.
I know we’re meant to be together till the end of time,
Our spirits seeking out our love long past our own lifetime.

But when I wake and find you gone my sorrow knows no bounds,
Hot tears flow from my eyes and from my throat come heavy sounds.
For how can I continue on unhappy and alone,
Our fate joins us together and my love for you has grown.

I always hoped that you would find your way back here to me,
Across the eons you would hear the pain and heed my plea.
And we’d continue forward towards the vast and unknown space,
I know now that I’ll join you soon and feel your sweet embrace.


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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Continue

  1. I agree with what Rebel said. I usually dont get into poetry, but this was wonderful, very relatable and the yearning is so tangible.

  2. Beautiful but so sad at the same time…

    Rebel xox