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It’s late October,  and the holiday season is almost upon us (it seems like the holidays come fast and furious for the next two months).  Speaking of cumming fast and furious, this month the folks at Cal Exotics sent me one of the toys in the new Love Rider line to review as part of their Sexpert program: the Wild Butterfly.

The Love Rider Wild Butterfly comes in a white box with pictures of the product, functions, and general information on the product on its sides. Inside the box, the toy is enclosed in plastic. It  comes in 2 colors: pink and black. I got the pink one, and it’s a bright, pretty, vibrant pink silicone.

This vibrating toy is meant to be ridden (hence the name). The overall design looks like a small, curved penis riding on the back of a butterfly.  It’s not overly large – just about 4” tall, with a 3” insertable shaft.  The shaft is just  1 1/4″ in diameter, and very firm. It will flex slightly, mostly towards where it’s joined to the base. The detailing is down the front of the head and shaft, while the back is smooth.  A seam does run up the back and down the front, but it can’t be felt either with your finger or during use.

The penis is attached to the back of the butterfly shaped base. The butterfly curves up at the front and back. It’s 2 3/4″ wide at its widest point and about 4” long, including the 1” long antennae.  The butterfly’s body is meant to nestle against you while its antennae tickle your clit.

The Wild Butterfly is controlled by a corded remote in the same lovely shade of pink. The cord is about 21 1/2″ long, and attaches to the back of the toy on the bottom of the butterfly. The remote is a slick pink plastic, and its small size (3 1/4″ long by 2” wide) and shape make it easy to hold.  The battery compartment is accessed by sliding off the entire back of the remote. The back is on there firmly, so it will take a bit of pressure. Inside, the 2 AAA batteries are easy to insert. A large O-ring goes around the entire compartment, making the Wild Butterfly – the entire toy, including remote – waterproof and safe to use in the tub.

The front of the remote has a silver control band with just 2 buttons. One button is on/off, and the other button cycles through the Wild Butterfly’s 7 settings. Between the 2 buttons are 3 LED lights which light up red and glow or flash, indicating the setting the toy is on.

Press the on/off button to turn the Wild Butterfly on and on its first setting. The settings are:

  • low and steady
  • medium and steady
  • high and steady
  • short pulses
  • fluttering rev from low to high
  • long pulses
  • 3 short and 1 long pulse

Pressing the function button again cycles back to low and steady. The Wild Butterfly can be turned off at any point by pressing the on/off button.

The Wild Butterfly’s vibrations are decently strong and on the rumbly side. They’re strongest in the tip, but can be felt throughout the butterfly and antenna.

Since the Wild Butterfly is silicone, it’s easy to clean and should be washed both before and after use. It can be cleaned with soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or wipes. The controller can be washed the same way. The entire toy can be dried with a soft towel before storing. The box makes for ok storage, but you can also stash this away in a toy bag.  Only water-based lubes should be used.

So, Did It Work? I like the Wild Butterfly for foreplay quite a bit. The vibrations are stronger than I would have expected, and deeper as well. They’re concentrated right on the head of the penis, so they feel great inside.  They transmit decently through the butterfly, but for me not so much in the antennae. I think if the antennae were just a bit thicker, and about 1/2″ longer, they’d hit me better and be more stimulating. What I get when rocking is a great amount of vibration inside, and a teasing vibration outside.

The Wild Butterfly won’t stay in place if you aren’t sitting on the base (unless you wear something tight to hold it in), but it works great to sit on a chair or couch and rock your pelvis back and forth. This makes the tip of the penis hit my g-spot, and it feels really good, particularly on the pulse patterns.  The cord is long enough for the remote.  This was fun to use just watching a porno before getting down to the action, and it also worked with bondage play. When only your partner has access to the remote and changes the settings on a whim, this can  make you crazily aroused.

Surprisingly, the Wild Butterfly, both the actual toy and the remote, work in the tub. The large O-ring inside the remote does manage to keep water out of the battery compartment, you just need to make sure it’s closed securely.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending me the Wild Butterfly this month to review! If you’d like to give the Wild Butterfly a try, you can pick one up at EdenFantasys.com by clicking the link below.  Also, don’t forget to check out Club Cal Exotics , where you can join a community of people exploring their sexual health and wellness in a comfortable environment.

product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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