Ride Some More

I don’t own any harnesses, although I do have a dildo mount (the Liberator Wing), and I recently got a pillow converter. While browsing Good Vibrations I came across the Sportsheets Thigh Strap-On, which certainly looked like it would be fun for my husband and I, so I decided to request it and test it out.

The Sportsheets Vibrating Thigh Strap-On comes in a pink and white box. A couple is shown using it on the front, and product information is on the sides and back. Inside the box is the Strap-On itself and a vibrating bullet, both wrapped in pink tissue paper. It has a limited lifetime warranty, details of which can be found on Sportsheets’ website.

The harness itself is a 5” wide piece of black elastic and is pretty stretchy. It is 15 1/2” long. The nylon straps are sewn 1 1/2″ onto the elastic, and are 19” long and 1” wide. The edges aren’t finished, but can easily be folded under and sewn if desired. They can also be trimmed if they’re too long.

The harness will fit thighs up to about 30”. The harness is easy to put on and remove – you can completely undo the straps and tie it on your thigh, or you can slip into it and pull it into position. The straps are easy to tighten by pulling on the nylon, and easy to loosen by lifting the ladder lock tabs and sliding the straps out. The backing of the harness can be a little rough on the skin.

Four nylon pieces hold the O-ring in place. They have Sportsheets embossed snaps. The O-ring provided is silver and fairly thick, with about a 1 7/8” diameter. It will hold dildos up to 1 3/4″ in diameter, but up to 1 5/8” are easier to secure. The dildo will need to have a flared base, but since there are 4 straps holding the ring, a dildo with balls can also be used. The VIP, Woody, and Sherbet, and the Medium Silk all fit quite nicely. If you find you need a larger O-ring, it’s easy to replace.

To insert the dildo, unsnap one of the connectors and put the dildo through. If the dildo is thicker, it may be a challenge to snap the open connector. We found with some of the larger dildos that it just wouldn’t work. However, since 3 of the four connectors held the O-ring, the dildo didn’t slide out and stayed as stationary as if all four were used.

The included bullet is silver, and a standard 2 1/4″ long by 5/8” wide. It takes 3 LR44 batteries, which are included, and is controlled by a push button on the bottom of the base. It only has 1 speed, and it has high, buzzy vibrations.

The bullet fits into the thigh harness via a 1 1/2″ wide channel, which runs the length of the elastic. It can be inserted in either side, which means that you don’t have to worry which side of the elastic it goes into when it’s already strapped on your partner’s leg. It also allows you to switch from facing forward to facing backward and slide the bullet along the channel without removing the harness.

The bullet is easy to clean with soap and water (don’t submerge it). The thigh harness is machine washable, and will wash best in a garment bag. It should be line dried.

So, Did It Work? This was pretty fun! It’s the only harness I’ll get to use with my husband (well, other than a hand harness which he is quite willing to try), and it worked pretty well. It was large enough for him to wear comfortably, although he thought the back was a bit scratchy after a while, and it wasn’t hard to tighten enough so it didn’t slip around or down while I bounced on top.

I could feel the bullet but only on a down thrust, and my husband’s leg felt the vibrations more (particularly since he was in constant contact with it). It did nothing to stimulate my clit whatsoever, even when I sat still (somewhat defeating the purpose) I found it more effective to wear a strap-on bullet and leave the bullet out altogether.

Getting the dildos in was a bit challenging, and I think a lot had to do with the size of the ones I wanted to use. I did find, with the larger ones, that they stayed in place fine when using only 3 of the 4 O-ring snaps (there just wasn’t room to get the strap between the ring and the dildo so it could be secured). The ones with the flared base were easy to turn around if I wanted to face a different direction, but ones with balls obviously weren’t.

The harness has made it through the washer several times, and looks as good as new. It won’t last forever, since it is just elastic, but it should hold up for many uses.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending this to me to review! If you’d like to have some fun with a thigh harness or other harness, you can pick yours up at GoodVibes.com by clicking the widget below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  19. I wish my Sportsheets harness was as easy to use as this one. This one looks cool!

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  41. That looks fun! Great review!