Know Two Things (And Know Them Well)

I love Smartballs. I have two pairs of the original style by Fun Factory (yes, sometimes I color coordinate with my toys), and I wear them quite a bit during the day. I seem to remember to do Kegels more when I have them in, plus I like their gentle sensation when I’m doing things like going up and down the stairs (they’re fun at the gym too).  The ones I have are made of Elastomed, so I was curious to try out the new Teneo Duo silicone balls for Good Vibrations .

The Smarballs Teneo Duo come packaged in traditional Fun Factory packaging – a grey and red box with white lettering and a magnetically closed back flap which provides product information. The balls are visible through the front and held in place by a plastic insert.  Also in the box are a sample of Toyfluid waterbased lubricant, a small brochure with information on Fun Factory and their other products, and also a small instruction manual. This manual has information on all 3 Smartballs: original, Teneo Duo, and Teneo Uno.

One thing I love about these balls is that they come in a variety of colors. The pair I got is black with fuschia accents.  The black is matte silicone with a bit of drag to it, while the fuschia, where it peaks out from below the black “bands” is ABS plastic and is hard, smooth, and shiny.  The wrapping of the silicone bands and the indentation of the colored portions gives the balls some texture, although it wasn’t anything I noticed once the balls were in.

The Teneo Duo are the same size as the original Smartballs.  Each ball is about 1 1/2″ in diameter and about 1 3/4″ long. The two balls are connected by a thin, flexible piece of silicone (this is much more flexible than the originals), giving the whole piece a length of 4”.  Each ball has a smaller ball inside, which you can hear if you shake them in your hand and you can feel as you go about your day when they’re inserted.

The bottom ball has a silicone loop cord (3 1/2″ long) which is used to retrieve the balls.  Unlike the previous sets of balls, the loop is attached in two separate places, about as wide as a finger. Additionally, the bottom ball has an indent for your finger, which makes them easier to insert.  Unless you’re really aroused when you go to insert these, applying a bit of waterbased lube is a good idea.

The balls are easy to clean, even with the texturing. Clean them before and after use with antibacterial soap and water and pat dry. The packaging isn’t great to store them, but a small toy bag works just fine.

So, Did They Work? I like Smartballs. I can be terrible about doing Kegels, and while I know that I don’t need to have something inserted to do them, knowing that I do makes me think about and actually do them.  I like the size of these balls – they’re easy for me to insert and, since they bend over with the small and flexible neck connecting them, they’re comfortable to wear. It’s rare that I wear them for a few minutes – typically I have them in for hours. Seated they remind me to squeeze, and I can feel them gently vibrate when I walk around or take the stairs (an incentive to do so!).  I’ve even worn them to the gym, and they are fun, if a bit overly stimulating, on the treadmill and track.  I’ve never had a problem keeping them in nor removing them.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending me these to review! If you’d like to try your own pair of Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Duo and give your Kegels a workout, you can pick up your own at .

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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