Highly Aroused and Ready To Go

I’ve reviewed a lot of different items, in many categories, but one category that’s been a bit neglected is the arousal products (well, condoms are neglected too, but that’s not something I see myself reviewing unless I get to make all kinds of cute condom animals or something). The few that I’ve tried have been warming gels or lotions, and I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit. I’ve always wanted to try Shunga, so I thought I’d try a cooling arousal product this time and I selected the Shunga Arousal Gel from Babeland.com to review.

The Shunga Arousal Gel comes in a small black box, with half of a Geisha’s face on the front along with a small symbol and “Shunga Erotic Art” towards the bottom. The back of the box contains instructions for use while the side has some warnings, including not using if you’re pregnant of have an STD and to discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Inside the box is the bottle of gel, a small foldout flyer which gives the meaning of the word Shunga (“Image of Spring” but also the word for “Erotic Art”) and some information on other Shunga products, and a small sheet labeled “Important.” This sheet explains that the gel may be too strong or weak for the user, depending on how sensitive you are. If the sensation is too intense, the excess gel can be wiped away with a tissue, or even a wet cloth if necessary. If the sensation is too week, more should be used. Depending on your sensitivity level you may need up to 3 applications to feel the effect.

The one ounce bottle is fairly discreet. It’s black and shaped like a small sample size sunscreen or shampoo bottle. If you’re close enough to read the text, it’s clear what it’s for, but just on the shelf or with the back facing, no one would know what it was. The bottle sits on its cap, which makes it convenient for dispensing. The cap must be unscrewed, and when it is you’ll find the clear plastic dispensing spout. Don’t squeeze the bottle if you’re not ready to use the product yet – it comes very easily out of the spout.

Shunga Arousal Gel smells pretty good. It has the strong scent of peppermint gum. The gel is thin and a bit sticky, but it’s not really runny and stays in place on your fingertip without trying to run all the way down your finger. It’s not very sticky when it dries, either.

The gel contains water, glycerin, propylene glycol, l-arginine HCL, hydroxyethol cellulose, damiana extract, DMDMH, sodium benzoate, peppermint oil, capsicum O.R., vitamin E, polyquaternium-7, and citric acid.

Shunga Arousal Gel is easy to use – simply squeeze the bottle gently and cover the pad of your finger with the gel, then rub gel gently onto your clit. It may take a few minutes or a reapplication, but you’ll feel tingly and cool and more sensitive.

So, Did It Work? I liked this a lot! It was quite different than the warming gels I’ve used, but I liked the way it made me feel all tingly. Apparently I’m not as sensitive as I thought, as I had to apply it twice to get the effect, but as soon as I applied it the second time (after rubbing it in about 3 minutes the first time) wow! I didn’t find it too strong, but it was intense and certainly got me ready for the next round with my partner. I tried it alone as well, and for me it really enhanced my masturbation sessions. It didn’t get sticky when it dried, and it was easy to wipe off when I was done. The effect lasted about 10 minutes or so after the first application, and reapplying it made it intense in a hurry, although never more than I could handle. The spout on the bottle got a bit messy, but it was easy enough to wipe clean, and I haven’t had any problems with it clogging up. Even though the bottle is only 1 ounce, the amount needed for application is small and the bottle should last quite a while.

Thank you to Babeland for sending this to me to review! If you’d like to try out a cooling arousal gel, or you’ve tried them and liked them before, the Shunga Arousal Gel is a great one to check out! You can pick yours up at Babeland.com .

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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