Come On Baby, Light My Fire

February is the time for love, with Valentine’s Day a celebration of lovers, both new and old. As such, it was a fitting time to read the SexIs Naked Book Club selection Passion.

Passion (Erotic Romance for Women) is a collection of 20 stories revolving about the passion a man and woman can feel towards each other. Whether old or new, fresh or rekindled, the feelings are strong and overpowering.

This book is an oversized paperback with a glossy cover. Containing 226 pages, it was published in 2010 by Cleis press and is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. In addition to the stories, the book contains an introduction by Rachel where she talks about what passion can mean, an about the authors section, and a few pages about the editor.

Rachel is based in New York, and has edited over 30 books of erotica. Her stories have appeared in over 100 anthologies, including this collection. She’s a columnist for SexIs Magazine, the Senior editor at Penthouse Variations, and has written for publications including Playgirl, Penthouse, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Post, Newsday, and the Huffington Post. She’s also appeared on television, on the Martha Stewart Show and Family Business. She writes a blog, and has been the host of the In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series since October 2005.

The stories here all embrace the passion two people can feel. Sometimes the passion is newfound and fresh, sometimes it’s ongoing, and sometimes it’s discovered anew and rekindled in long relationships. Both single couples and married couples (and even relative strangers) find intense encounters (and even a daydream) in the pages of this book. The stories are a mix between first and third person tellings, and some deal with different cultures and nationalities. All of the couples are heterosexual.

I enjoyed almost all of the stories in this collection, but several stood out from the others for me:

“Big Bed Sex” by Donna George Storey Staying at the Beverly Hills hotel for the first time, in a room her sister has splurged for while in town for a reading, she wishes her husband could be there. The room calls out for wild, passionate sex ,and they’ve always had hot and wild sex in hotel rooms. He’s tied up in business meetings in another town so she reminisces about past encounters in hotel beds. She sends him a picture of the Arabian love nest she finds herself in. He can’t resist, and joins her for a passionate romp (or two).

“Dear in the Headlights” by Angela Caperton It’s been five months since she and her husband have “done the dirty”, and she is ready to spend a well-thought out and passionate night with her overworked husband. Fate intervenes when he runs off the road on his way home and has to wait for 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive. Cass goes out to meet him and they have wild sex on his car before the tow arrives and they head to their planned rendezvous at the Hilton.

“Third Time’s the Charm” by Charlene Teglia Lynn and Nick have broken up but find themselves stuck in an elevator. The phone doesn’t work, and neither has a cell, but they find a way to rekindle the passion of their relationship in the dark confines of their trap. Is it fate that brought them together, or has Nick arranged this moment to bring them back together for another try?

My favorite story by far was “Five Senses” by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Sometimes familiarity brings rote sex and monotony, and the passion needs to be rekindled. They’re planning to celebrate her husband’s latest booking, but instead of going out, he tells her they’re going to stay in, and all of her senses come alive with the evening he has planned to relight the fire of their relationship.

This is a great collection, and one you’ll enjoy if you like erotica that deals with passionate loving couples (whether they’ve recently met or have been together for years). They may even inspire you with ways to add some extra passion in your own love life. This February selection of the SexIs Naked Reader Book Club was discussed on the EdenFantasys forum, and can be picked up at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below. Watch for the next Book Club meeting coming soon!

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