C’Mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist

After reviewing Gush for Good Vibrations, I was able to try out a new g-spot vibrator from Fun Factory, called the G-Twist Smartvibes. G-spot vibrations and a toy from Fun Factory? Almost always a good combination!

The G-Twist comes in a pink and yellow box, with the vibrator visible through the front and held in place inside plastic. The back opens up for more product information. Since this is a Fun Factory toy (although the outside branding of the box is GoodVibes), inside the box is a sample of ToyFluid, a brochure with various Fun Factory products, and the instruction manual for use.

This vibrator is available in 3 colors. I chose the Blue Ice, which is a lovely shade of light bluish seafoam.  It’s made of silicone, with a matte finish so it has a bit of drag to the surface. The whole vibe is squishy and the tip, which is curved for g-spot stimulation, is quite flexible. It’s not too flexible to stimulate the g-spot, however, unless you need very firm pressure there.  The vibrator is about 8 1/2″ long when measured straight, and it’s 6” insertable.  It’s about 1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point down the shaft.

The G-Twist has a series of ridges that run down the front and sides of the toy while the back is smooth. These ridges go all the way down to the toy’s “clitoral bumper.” This bumper won’t hit your clit, but it will deliver some vibrations below it.

The base is made of black plastic with swirled designs. When the designs on the ccap and the base are lined up, the G-Twist waterproof. You’ll want to make sure that the designs are lined up before going for a soak in the tub with this one (it’s really easy to do), or you’ll find yourself with water in the battery compartment and a possibly broken toy. The base is easy to remove with a small turn counterclockwise, and once it’s off you have access to the battery compartment where 4 AAA batteries can be inserted.

Vibrations are controlled by two buttons (+ and -) on the plastic base, both on the front of the toy. The + button is larger than the -, making it easy to know which to press during use just by touch. On the very bottom is the Turbo button, which offers an extra touch of fun.

The G-Twist has 8 levels of vibration, from low to quite strong. The vibrations are more throbby than buzzy and resonate well throughout the toy. They’re also pretty quiet, and won’t be heard at all if the G-Twist is inserted and you’ve got anything on in the background.

Once it’s on the highest setting, pressing the + button and holding it will start the patterns. The first is a medium revving pulse, followed by a fast revving pulse, and finally a superfast revving pulse pattern.  A simple press of the – button will take the G-Twist back to steady vibrations.

If the highest level of vibrations isn’t enough, just press the bottom button and an extra burst of power will be yours.

One thing to note with this vibrator is that you won’t want to get too comfortable with one vibration level or pattern. If you’re using the G-Twist more than 15 minutes and you haven’t changed the vibration level or pattern, or hit the Turbo button, the G-Twist will turn itself off. I guess it’s a good way to remember to mix things up!

The G-Twist is easy to clean with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. It should be washed both before and after use and patted dry. Since it’s silicone, only water-based lubricants are safe to use.  The box is a bit bulky and inconvenient to store this in, so your best bet is a toy bag or pouch.

So, Did it Work?

I really like this vibrator. While I prefer harder, firmer dildos for g-spot stimulation, I don’t mind vibrators a bit more flexible and the G-Twist worked great to hit the spot. It also seemed larger than it is, I think due to the large amount of texture.

Like almost all Fun Factory vibrators, this one has strong vibrations, even without the Turbo boost, and the boost really pops the power.  You do have to hold the button in, but it’s not hard to do for short periods to get those extra vibrations. I liked how thuddy and throbby the vibrations were, unlike so many vibrators that are buzzy.

The G-Twist is easy to hold and manipulate, and it’s easy to tell if it’s slipped or not quite in the right direction by where the buttons are on the base. I liked that the buttons were different sizes, and I didn’t have problems lowering the strength when I meant to raise it, or dropping out of a pattern when I meant to change it.

The one thing I didn’t like was the auto shut-off.  While it’s great that the G-Twist will shut off to save power, there are times I’ve got a long session going on and don’t want to change the vibrations or pattern. Thankfully the boost button is there so I just have to hit it within the 15 minutes to keep the G-Twist running.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending this to me!  If you like strong, throbby vibrations, a flexible g-spot toy, and decent texture, the G-Twist is a great one to pick up and you can get yours at GoodVibes.com .

This product was provided to me for free, with no expectation of review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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