You’ll Have a Yabba Dabba Doo Time

In EdenFantasys’ Porn Club, we’ve got to watch some really interesting parodies. Some have been better than others, but I enjoy the ones based on shows or movies that I’ve seen or enjoyed. There’re even quite a few based on popular cartoons, and one of those we watched was The Flintstones XXX Parody.

The Flintstones XXX Parody is from New Sensations, and directed by Will Ryder. It stars Brooke Lee Adams (Betty), Hillary Scott (Wilma), Anthony Rosano (Barney), Hayden Winters (Pebbles), Seth Gamble (Bamm Bamm), Misty Stone (Ms. Stone), Rod Fontana (Mr. Slate), Dale DaBone (Tyler), and Peter O’Tool (Fred).

The casting is pretty good, particularly Betty and Wilma (Betty even has that annoying giggle) and Fred isn’t bad either, although I think his mood would have been much improved if he’d been able to fuck Wilma, or even Betty. The set design is impressive, from Fred on top of his work dinosaur to the car and the stone age house.

The movie comes slipcased and contains 2 DVDs – one for the movie and one for the extras, which include behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery, popshot recap, party version (the story mode where the hardcore sex is removed), outtakes, a bonus scene (not from the Flintstones), trailers, and an iPod version so you can watch it on the go.

This movie is presented in widescreen, and the picture is clear and sharp. It sounds good as well, although one thing you may find surprising is the laugh track. It’s just like the cartoon used to have, although a little disconcerting at first. Thankfully, it doesn’t occur during the sex scenes.

The Flintstones runs about 2 hours. The DVD menu has 14 main scenes to jump to, and when you’re watching you can jump to quite a few more than that. Plot spoilers follow:

As the movie begins, Fred’s working on top of his dinosaur, daydreaming of Wilma and Betty getting it on. The ladies have some fun with each other, kissing, fondling, and fingering each other as well as performing oral, and have a “gay ol’ time” on the bed before finishing in a scissor grind. Fred’s so lost in reverie that his boss, Mr. Stone, has to tell him it’s quitting time.

When Fred gets home, a stranger is in his house. He’s Tyler, an “old friend of Wilma’s” who dropped by just to say hi. Tyler flirts with Wilma, and wonders aloud how Fred can leave her home alone. He says he’s kidding, but Fred isn’t so sure.

Later Pebbles, who’s moving out, wants to go to the movie with Bamm Bamm and Fred agrees, although he has misgivings presented in thought bubbles. Barney and Betty come by, and the girls head to the kitchen to talk about Tyler. Fred and Barney are outside cleaning up a monstrous pile of Dino-doo (judging by the size of this pile, Dino’s likely not a house dinosaur). They have a talk about their kids leaving home and having sex, and Barney recounts the previous night, when Betty came out in an animal print number and a crop. It didn’t take long for them to trade oral on each other before fucking on the couch. Betty even did some ptm and Barney got a few late licks in before he came on her shaved pussy.

That night, when Pebbles and Bamm Bamm get back from the movies, she tells him she’s really horny. She sneaks Bamm Bamm into her room and comes in the front door where both sets of parents are in the living room watching TV. She tells them goodnight and heads off to bed, where Bamm Bamm is ready to bam. He eats her out on the bed before she sucks his cock, and then the two fuck in various positions before he cums all over her face and hair.

They cuddle after, and then Fred comes in to talk to Pebbles with Bamm Bamm hiding beneath the sheets. He has a sentimental talk with her, and then says goodnight to both of them. Bamm Bamm escapes through the window.

The next day Wilma sees Fred off to work, and as he’s leaving he runs right into Tyler which doesn’t make his morning. He goes to work and has a meeting with Mr. Slade. He’s not doing well, and with it being his birthday, he’s feeling different. Slade tells him to focus on what’s important (him) and generally makes him feel worse. Fred leaves and Miss Stone comes in to take some dictation…er, dicktation, that is. She sucks Mr. Stone’s cock and he eats her out before fucking her on the desk. Ms. Stone does some ptm before Mr. Slade cums on her ass.

Fred and Barney chat at the quarry, and Fred wonders if Wilma still has the hots for him. Later they drive home, and Barney mentions Tyler. Fred has another daydream where he goes home and Wilma’s been cooking for him all day. She’s a pretty sultry cook and Fred’s excited by what she’s made, when Tyler comes in and ruins the daydream. Wilma’s glad to see him and sucks his cock kneeling on the kitchen floor. He eats her out before fucking her, and then after position changes and some ptm he cums all over her face and in her mouth. At that point, Fred gets shit on in his face by a bird and wakes up.

Fred and Barney continue home, and Barney sneaks in first. Fred heads in and doesn’t see his surprise, and then gets knocked out by the door. When he wakes up the situation is explained, and Fred tells Wilma he loves her and always will do his best to make her happy.

Overall this is fun to watch, and more fun if you’re a fan of the Flintstones. While it’s not my favorite parody (I thought Scooby Doo and Rocki Whore were much better),  it is amusing to watch the antics of the cast in an adult version of the show.

Thank you to EdenFantasys for sending this to me to review as part of the Porn Club! Be sure to join us in the EdenFantasys forums for future clubs (starting up again in September).  If you want to check out The Flintstones XXX Parody, you can pick it up at EdenFantasys today. Yabba Dabba Doo!

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DVD by New Sensations
Cast: Anthony Rosano, Dale DaBone, Rod Fontana, Hillary Scott
Director: Will Ryder
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