Jinkies! The Gang Gets It On!

I love cartoons, particularly the older ones I watched as a kid. One of my all time favorites is Scooby Doo. I remember getting up at 6 in the morning every Saturday just to watch the antics of Scooby Doo and the Gang as they piled into the Mystery Machine and solved mysteries that no one else could. When they added Scrappy and got cutesy, I was much less of a fan, and I was pretty mixed on the live action movies that came out a few years ago. But jinkies! In my craziest imagination, I never expected to see a porn parody of Scooby Doo. It was definitely an intriguing idea for a movie, and I got a chance to watch it as one of the featured movies of EdenFantasys’ Porn Club.

Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody is from New Sensations and directed by Eddie Powell. It stars Bree Olson (Daphne), Bobbi Starr (Velma), Chad Alva (Shaggy), and Michael Vegas (Fred), with special appearances by Lily LaBeau and Evan Stone. This is a 2 disc set, with disc one containing the movie and disc two the bonus scenes, outtakes, party version (with the sex scenes edited out), photo gallery, ipod version, cumshot recap, and trailers. Running time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes, and there’s 16 main chapters to jump to from the scene selection.

You never see Scooby Doo in the movie, but the way the dog turned out in the live action non-porn movies, it’s probably a good thing.

The casting is dead on here, even though Daphne isn’t a redhead. Fred and Daphne look their parts, Velma is spot on, and Shaggy couldn’t look more like Shaggy if he tried – he even has the great cracking voice. All of the characters really transport you into buying the setup, and the sets for the movie keep it going. The dialog is pretty on as well, with the gems you remember from the cartoons. The movie features 5 sex scenes (which include oral, ptm, anal, and group) that are a lot of fun to watch.

The story begins with Shaggy waking up with a headache and realizing his buddy Scooby isn’t there. Ruh roh! The gang decides to investigate. Shaggy saw Scooby the night before at a Halloween party, and he tells the gang that he was there. He ran into a fairy named Sindy, who he gets it on with. They take turns pleasuring each other orally before they have a good romp on the bed with ptm between positions before Shaggy cums on her face.

Fred and Daphne take notes during Shaggy’s retelling, but they can’t believe he had sex for an hour and she had multiple orgasms. Velma, who had left the room when Shaggy began his story (she’s, yanno, a prude about sex), comes back in after masturbating in the bathroom and helps take notes.

Daphne suggests going to the mansion to look around, but Daphne and “Freddles” have to have sex first since she’s ovulating. Fred & Daphne start making out, while Velma freaks and Shaggy’s interested. The two strip and trade oral before Fred fucks her on the bed. Daphne fingers her ass, and Fred does too, and the two enjoy 69 between fucking before Fred plants his cock in her ass and then cums on her face. Shaggy and Velma sit on the couch in disbelief, and Velma’s hand rests on Shaggy’s crotch. She’s intrigued, but upset.

The four pile into the Mystery Machine and end up at the mansion. They look for clues and then Velma and Shaggy hide when they hear someone coming – a mysterious figure in black. Daphne runs into the figure, meanwhile Shaggy and Velma end up in the bedroom and she tells Shaggy she’s tired of pretending. She tells him about masturbating while listening to his story about the party sex he had, and she gets totally naked before pulling out his cock and leading him to the bed. They kiss a bit and she sucks his cock before he fucks her. Velma does some ptm as well before more fucking and Shaggy cums on her stomach.

The two finish and are joined by Fred, who’s a bit surprised that the two had sex. Jinkies! The three end up in the bathroom, where they find a tub full of sacks of money.

Meanwhile, Daphne leads the ghoul in to the bedroom where Velma confronts it and the guys hide under the bed. To distract the creepy guy from finding Fred and Shaggy, Velma throws Daphne down on the bed and begins to kiss her. The two put on quite a show, with tongues, fingers, and wet pussies, before finishing up with a kiss.

As the demon comes towards the bed, Fred punches him and knocks him out, and the girls get partially dressed. The four run from the demon (Zoinks!) in a scene that’s classically Scooby Doo until the 4 are behind a closed bedroom door. What to do while hiding from the demon? Have an orgy, of course!

Fred and Daphne get it started, and both girls give their guys head before Daphne takes Fred from behind and Shaggy in her mouth. The four fuck in a variety of positions before Daphne takes it in the ass. The guys cum on the girls’ faces and then the four recline in bed when Shaggy’s phone rings. It’s Scooby! He’s at Scrappy’s place, and safe as can be. The four lie in bed and then the cops arrive to arrest and unmask the demon.

This really is an amusing movie, and works because of the cast and the attention to detail. If you didn’t care for the cartoon you might not get as much of a kick out of this, but for Scooby Doo fans and fans of parodies this is one to see.

Rooby Rooby Doo!

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DVD by New Sensations
Stars: Michael Vegas, Chad Alva, Bree Olson, Bobbi Starr
Director: Eddie Powell
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  1. Wow, what a great review! Thanks for the nice telling of the story and what everything entails. I think this would actually be a lot of fun (a bit corrupting, eh?).