I’m In Heaven

I guess I’m a bit of a secret exhibitionist. Ever since I found my first wireless egg I’ve had a bit of secret fun wearing it out in public (and fun wearing it at home, too). My husband loves them for a few reasons: he has a remote (I swear he feels naked without a remote in his hand) and he loves to make me jump and be turned on in public without anyone knowing, whether it’s at dinner, the bar, or just grocery shopping (yeah, my eyes aren’t glazed over just because of the prices).

While I do love the wireless eggs, there’s one thing I’ve hated about them so far – the batteries. Every one I have uses a 12V battery in the remote (which isn’t a big deal), and N batteries in the bullet (which is). While the N batteries do last a decent amount of time, they’re a hassle to replace and they’re a lot more expensive than regular batteries. So when I found the Bliss on EdenFantasys, I was more than excited, I was practically orgasmic. Rechargeable? Wireless? I. Had. To. Have.

The Bliss is part of the Couture Collection from California Exotics. It comes in a cute white box with silver and purple lettering, and pictures of the bliss on the box, as well as some product information. The box is cleverly designed. Open it from the top and remove the egg and the charging base. Slide out the bottom to reveal a small box which is divided in half horizontally and contains the remote control, 12V battery, charging adapter with removable US plug, simple information on charging and using the egg, and a general multi language instructional booklet on care, battery use, and cleaning. What makes this small box nice is that it has a cutout on the top which will hold the charging station, while keeping the remote, spare batteries, and manuals (if you keep them) tucked away below.

The egg is fairly large, at 2 1/2″ long and 1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point, but it’s not very heavy. It’s made of a periwinkle-colored PU coated plastic (it also comes in pink), so it has a soft, satiny feel. The egg has a 4 1/2″ nylon retrieval cord which is long enough so you don’t have to worry about the it getting lost inside. The cord loop may also be long enough to slip over your wrist if you want to control this for external clitoral stimulation as well (I wouldn’t recommend using this anally, however).

Bliss nestles easily in its heart-shaped charging base. It goes in nose down, and you don’t have to worry about making sure anything connects just right. It seems as if it’s magnetized a bit – the egg gently leaps into the charger, and, in fact, the charging light on the egg will come on before it’s even in the base. The light on the egg glows red while it’s charging, and turns green when it’s done, which takes about 2 hours. The instructions don’t list a maximum charging time. When charged and in use, the Bliss will run around an hour or more, depending on how obnoxious your partner is with the remote. If it’s not in use and turned off, it will hold its charge for up to 2 days.

The remote is small, the same lovely shade of periwinkle as the egg and charging base, and it’s made of the same satiny PU coated plastic. It has a dedicated on/off button and a larger button labeled 7, which cycles through the egg’s 7 functions and patterns. The buttons are different enough in size that you can feel which one you’re pressing with the remote in your pocket without taking it out to check, and it will control the egg from about 16 feet away. The battery is easy to insert in the back.

One thing to remember with the Bliss egg is that you have to turn it on before using the remote. If you forget, you’ll wonder if the batteries have gone dead in the remote or the egg has lost its charge.

The Bliss is easy to activate. Simply press the button for about 2 seconds until the light flashes green. The light will continue to flash green every few seconds. Once the Bliss is on, you’re ready to insert it and have some fun.

Turn it on by pressing the on/off button on the remote, and the Bliss will begin vibrating on its lowest level. Pressing the 7 button cycles through the following settings:

– low and steady (the initial speed)
– medium and steady
– high and steady
– escalation
– pulsation
– faster pulsation
– escalating pulsation (3 short and 1 long pulse)

The vibrations are all fairly surface vibrations, and quite buzzy. They are fairly strong, although not earth shaking. But, with a vibrator like this, I wouldn’t want them to be. I don’t want to fall to my knees in the grocery store or at the club after five or ten minutes – I want to be teased and tantalized until I can’t take it anymore and really have to exercise self control or beg for mercy.

While the Bliss sounds loud externally, when inserted it’s actually very quiet. With any kind of background noise no one will know that you’re vibrating inside. The Bliss can be turned off and placed in standby mode, by pressing the button for a few seconds. It will flash red and then go out.

The egg is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or bath. It’s easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water, or you can use a toy cleaner. It can be dried with a soft towel. The charging base can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. Both water-based and silicone lubes are safe to use.

So, Did it Work? I really, really like this one! The shape is nice – not too large and not too small – and it stays in place well. It stays comfortable when used in conjunction with an anal plug, although a smaller plug feels better when the Bliss is in.

The vibrations are moderate to strong, and they immensely turn me on. I couldn’t handle them stronger and wear this for long periods of time. This isn’t a quick orgasm-inducing toy, but rather one that warms me up and teases me. While the lowest speed doesn’t do much for me, the faster ones really get me going, and the pulse patterns are really distracting (as they are meant to be). I don’t tune the Bliss out when it’s on one of these patterns, and I find it hard to focus completely. After a while, I find myself asking (nicely) for my husband to turn it off or cycle to another pattern because I’m getting way too aroused in public.

The remote works well, and it’s small enough for my husband to slip it in his pocket. He didn’t have trouble accidentally changing the buttons, and he was able to tell by feel which button to press. He was also able to change the patterns successfully from a ways away (roughly 15 feet). He couldn’t hear it at all when standing next to me, even when it was on the highest setting, when we just had supermarket sounds for background noise. I think the remote is his favorite part of the Bliss. Well, maybe his second favorite – he gets such a kick out of having me have this in, whether we’re out and about or at home.

Now, if only the remote could be rechargeable as well, this would truly be the perfect wireless egg!

Thank you to EdenFantasys for sending this to me to review! If you’d like to experience the fun and pleasure of a wireless egg (and a rechargeable one to boot), you can check out my video for the Bliss here, and purchase yours from EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below.

product picture
Egg by California Exotic
Material: PU coated plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. It has a nice enough look it would make a great gift for special friends. I hate that so many toys look 'trashy' and are not made to look 'pretty'.