Billy, Do Be My Hero

I love my Lelo toys, in particular the vibrating ones (Mona and Mia come to mind), although Bob and I have become very good friends. All but Bob are meant for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and while I love Bob, there are times I want a powerful vibrator in my ass. Billy is an anal vibrator, and since Lelo toys have the strong vibrations I crave, I picked him up from EdenFantasys to try.

Billy comes in the standard Lelo packaging, with a picture of him on the front and product information on the sides. Inside the outer sleeve is the classic black Lelo box, which contains Billy, the charger, a white satin bag for storage, a user manual, and information on the Lelo guarantees.

The names of the Lelo toys I find interesting. Toys for women (clitoral and vaginal) are graced with feminine monikers, while the toys for men (anal) are given masculine names. It is a great way to know where your Lelo should be used, but it always amuses e a little bit.

I chose to get Billy in blue (he also comes in burgundy), and he’s a deep, rich navy – almost black, which contrasts nicely with his shiny white plastic base. He’s smooth and soft to the touch without any drag to his completely seamless surface. Billy’s insertable portion is made of silicone, so he’s nonporous and phthalates free. While he can’t be sterilized, he’s easy to clean with warm water and antibacterial soap. The base and control pad should be carefully cleaned, and take care not to get water in the jack hole in the base. If you do, make sure to blow it out and wait till it’s completely dry before recharging Billy.

Billy can be stored in the provided satin bag, or you can store him in his original box. He works great with water-based lubricants – if you do want to use a silicone lubricant, be sure to do a patch test first. If you don’t, you could cause his surface to become permanently tacky.

Billy’s design is similar to Lelo’s Liv, with the exception of the ring between the his insertable portion and his base. This ring sticks out on the sides and bottom to keep Billy from sliding all the way into your ass. He’s 6 1/2″ long, and 4” insertable, with a modest 1 1/8” diameter. He’s slightly curved for prostate stimulation, but don’t worry: if you don’t have a prostate he still feels great anally. He’s slightly tapered towards the ring.

Billy is rechargeable, so you never have to hunt for batteries. You do, however, have to remember to charge him. Once the plug is inserted into the jack hole, the LED light behind the control buttons will pulse blue, letting you know Billy’s charging. After about 2 hours, Billy will be fully charged and the LED will glow steadily. When Billy’s power is running low, the LED will glow red. Like the other Lelo toys, Billy can be overcharged, so never charge him for more than 24 hours. He can be used for up to 4 hours on a single charge, and he’ll hold a charge when not in use for up to 90 days.

To turn Billy on (prior to turning on yourself), press and hold the + area on the control pad until he starts vibrating at a low speed. Pressing it again, or holding it down, will increase his steady vibrations to a strong, powerful, throbbing level. When you’re done playing with Billy, pressing and holding the – button will decrease the vibrations and then turn Billy off.

But wait – there’s more to Billy than just steady vibration! Billy also has 4 other vibration modes. These modes can be cycled through by pressing the up and down arrows on the control pad. You can adjust the vibration intensity on each level as well by pressing the + and -. Billy’s modes are pulsing, fast pulsing, really fast pulsing, and a rev from low to high.

The vibrations are felt most strongly in the tip, although they can be felt down Billy’s shaft nicely. They are strong, especially on the higher settings, and more throbby than buzzy.  He’s also very quiet – not quite as loud as my cell phone on vibrate.

Billy’s great to travel with. He features a locking mode to prevent him from turning on by accident in your bag or suitcase. Pressing on the center of the dial and holding for 5 seconds will flash the LED behind the buttons and lock Billy. To unlock, press for 5 seconds again or charge him.

So, Does He Work? I love Billy. He’s a small diameter, but that means he slips in easily when lubed up and I don’t have to use another toy to prep for him. He feels good when inserted and held in place, but he’s also nice to thrust with. His vibrations are strong, but I actually like his patterns better – particularly the fast pulsing pattern– they remind me that he’s there and they really work to get me off. Coupled with a clitoral vibrator and a vaginal toy, he makes me cum hard and cum fast. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

If there’s one thing I wish, it’s that Billy had a remote control for the functions. I find it a bit awkward to change the intensity or pattern by myself (although my husband is always willing to lend a hand). When alone, I typically start him up to my favorite setting and use him at that level most of the time.

Billy is another phenomenal vibrating product from Lelo, and definitely worth getting, especially if you like strong anal vibrations and a not-so-large size. I purchased mine at EdenFantasys, and you can get one too by clicking the widget below.

product picture
Prostate massager by LELO
Material: Silicone

This product was purchased from EdenFantasys with no expectation of review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  4. I like our Billy too. It's just the "manly" Liv. 🙂