Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad

Sometimes I like my toys smooth, and other times I like a bit of texture. While looking for a new textured vibrator to try, I found the Spiral of Bliss at EdenFantasys. It looked fun and was inexpensive so I decided to see what it could do.

The Spiral of Bliss comes in a case that’s easy to open and is visible through the front. Some product information is on the front and repeated on the back. It has a light scent out of the packaging. The scent is very faint and not unpleasant, but it is there.

This vibrator is quite pink. The finish is matte, so the surface has a bit of drag when you run your fingers over it. It’s soft to the touch, but not quite velvety. It is 7 1/2″ long from tip to base, with about 6 1/4″ insertable.  The Spiral of Bliss is meant for vaginal use, but can also be used clitorally.  It doesn’t have a flared base, though, so this should never be used anally.

When you look at this toy from the base, you can see that this is a sleeve over a plastic vibrator but it isn’t removable. You can pull it out from the vibrator quite a bit, but I couldn’t get it to slide or come off at all without risking tearing the sleeve.

The Spiral of Bliss has running, pronounced ridges running from the tip to the base and it reminds me of soft serve ice cream. The ridges are about 1/2″ wide, and it’s 1” from crest to crest. The ridges add internal stimulation when the vibrator is turned inside instead of thrust.

This isn’t a thin vibrator – it increases in size quickly from 1 1/4″ in diameter at the tip to 1 3/4″ down the shaft. What detracts from the look of this vibrator is the seam running up one side and down the other. It’s not as noticeable across the tip, but it is very pronounced on the sides and makes this look cheap and somewhat unappealing. The base also looks put together wrong – it has a seam running through the base ridges and they don’t quite line up.

This vibrator is powered by 2 AA batteries. They are inserted by unscrewing the base and dropping them in + side down. There is a small diagram in white inside the compartment showing the direction. An O-ring sits at the bottom of the threads to make this waterproof, but the base doesn’t tighten enough and is very easy to loosen which defeats the whole purpose of the O-ring. Water can also easily get between the sleeve and vibrator and become trapped.

The Spiral of Bliss has 7 functions controlled by a button labeled 7F on the base. Around the button are arrows between the words Off, On, and Mode. They refer to what happens when you press the button, but at first I thought it meant you had to turn the base, which doesn’t do anything but loosen the base.

When you first press the 7F button, the Spiral of Bliss comes to life. The following vibration patterns are available:
– Low and steady
– Medium and steady
– High and steady
– Fast pulse
– 1 long pulse followed by 4 short pulses
– roller coaster in distinct steps – almost sounds musical
– double long pulses that increase in intensity from low to high

A final push of the button turns it off. The vibrations are moderate and more buzzy than throbby.  They felt better externally than internally.

While the packaging merely claims this is silicone, it’s actually TPR silicone. It is hypoallergenic and phthalates free. The Spiral of Bliss should be cleaned before and after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner. You really need to be careful when cleaning that you don’t get any water near the base. Since the sleeve can’t be removed water can easily become trapped between the sleeve and the vibrator. Only water-based lubricants should be used.

So, Does It Work? This one was ok, but it didn’t thrill me, and I had several issues with it.

The blunt tip was easy to insert, and the swirls felt good going in when my husband twisted this. They also were pleasant whether thrusting or turning the vibrator. One problem we had, especially when trying to twist this, was that it was easy to turn the base and shut this one off. We tried to tighten it as tightly as we could and we were unable to get it tight enough to stop doing this. This was also a bit of a problem while thrusting when my husband’s hand would slip, although it didn’t occur quite as frequently.

While I like the design, the seam made this one look cheap. I also didn’t care for the way the sleeve could be pulled from the vibrator to allow water to get in, while not coming completely off to dry. The looseness of the base didn’t seal this well at all in water, allowing water into the battery compartment unexpectedly when I went to twist this inside. There’s really no other way to grab it easily and twist, so I’d recommend not trying that unless you’re not in the water.

It has a decent number of patterns, but  the vibrations aren’t as strong as I’d like. Since they are more buzzy, surface vibrations they aren’t as stimulating internally as they could be. They work fairly well clitorally, though, and the firmness of the material really lets you press this into your clit. The battery life is also pretty good.

I bought the Spiral of Bliss from EdenFantasys. If you’re interested in giving this one a try, you can purchase it by clicking on the widget below.

product picture
Traditional vibrator by WHK GmbH
Material: TPR Silicone

This product was purchased from EdenFantasys with no expectation of review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. Splendwhore

    It sucks that the craftsmanship wasn't the best. It looks like a very uniquely designed toy. You're right, it does look very much like soft serve ice cream. Haha!